What’s Cooking

My beautiful studio is a complete wreck right now, so I guess I have to say it is officially broken in! It’s all for good reason though because there is lots of good stuff cooking these days.  Before I jump into some of those details, I want to point out a new page I’ve added to onejanuaryday.com – blank book ideas. I run into so many people who resist the idea of buying a handmade blank book because they can’t picture what they would use it for. On this new page, I’ve gathered a ton of ideas from my own experience and from some of my customers for a wide variety of ways to use blank books.  I hope you’ll check it out and, if you have additional ideas, please leave me a comment.  I suspect this page will be an evolving one!


My friends with the Stillwater Book Arts group invited me up this past Monday to give a paper marbling lesson.


The girls brought all sorts of found papers to play with and there were some wonderful discoveries – deli paper marbled beautifully, as did recycled tea bags.


Plus, we made time for some free-style fun and there was no holding back!  I had a fantastic time and I think I can safely say that the historic division between book binders and paper marblers has been finally and firmly been dissolved!

While I was in Stillwater, I was able to finalize a formal class at the Multi Arts Center on April 23-24!  This class will span 2 four hour days – first half will be an introduction to paper marbling; then on the second day, we’ll make a soft cover book with our favorite print. I’m not actually seeing it on their schedule right now so it may be full, but if you’re local to Stillwater and interested, please contact the Multi Arts Center directly to see if you can still enroll.

Also, if you’re closer to Oklahoma City, not to worry! I’m working with Maura of My Heart’s Fancy to schedule another round, likely in mid May.  I will let you know as soon as we iron out the details and set a date.


On May 14, I’ll be returning to the Indie Trunk Show.  I’ve been a busy bee, working on a little rebranding, lots of new books and some brand spanky new products! Can’t wait and hope you’ll come see me if you’re local.  The show is going to be in the Cox Pavillion this time, so should be much easier to get to everyone!


In November, I’m going back to teach at Lucky Star!!  I’m so incredibly honored to be invited back and cannot WAIT for classes to come out so I can talk about what I’m offering! It’s going to be good – promise!!  And there are lots of other incredible teachers coming too.  You can check out the teacher list and find out everything you need to know about camp at http://luckystarartcamp.com.

Lots of adventure and growing/stretching in the works for me this year – hope you’ll join me somewhere along the way!

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Studio Wreck

I’ve been a bit absent from the internet, not to mention the art world, since about mid-December, but with very good reason.  Hubby and I decided to embark on a BIG remodel journey approximately two weeks before Christmas.  We probably need to have our noggins examined for taking on such a big project at that particular time of year, but here we are at the end and I couldn’t be happier.

Below is the studio space pre-reno – it was about 12′ x 12′ (~140 sq feet) and PACKED wall-to-wall with cabinets…


On the other side of that far wall was my office – photo below is the room after we’d emptied it, but it was also packed with bookcases and storage cubbies; this room was also about 140 sq ft…


All of my furniture, tools, supplies and other art-creating goodness got stored in a spare bedroom – that was just about impenetrable…


The whole process took about a month and, while I know this certainly falls into the realm of “first world problems” – it was a gigantic MESS!!  Dust and glue odors and not being able to work – but, let me tell you, the finished result makes it all worthwhile.  Join me below for a little video walk-thru…

Here are details for some of my favorite components…

Here are a few photos of the finished space…

northview2016 WestView2016 IMG_7289

I have to say that a reno like this is not for the faint of heart!  This little art gal surely suffered during (in my own first world way), but my heart is mended and ready to soar now that the end is in sight.  If you have a scary reno in mind, talk to a contractor and see if your dream is possible (and most things are usually possible), you might be surprised and you’ll certainly be delighted with your dream come true!

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Santa’s Elf and the 100 Books Journey

I am one POOPED puppy over here!  It’s been pretty much non-stop since about August – first getting ready for Lucky Star, then for Thanksgiving and a fun visit by my kiddo, followed immediately by prep for the Indie Trunk Show (which is this coming Saturday 12/5 – come see me if you’re local!).  It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve made so MANY fun things – let’s start with the books…

Books 53-54/100 are both 3-signature paperback book forms; the bottom one is Keith Smith’s Staggered Diagonals and the top one is his Triple Dash. These feature marbled covers (my current obsession), mixed media paper and pretty Canson Mi Tientes end papers (aka “underwear” 😉 ).


Books 55-56/100:  Bottom one is another 3-signature paperback Staggered Diagonals.  Top one is hardcover, long-stitched with a chainstitch header/footer – this one also has a gorgeous plum-colored elastic wrap to keep it all contained (and two! pockets).


Books 57-61 are little accordion books, tho these have a slightly different closure than the original ones (shown here).  I wasn’t really happy about having to re-tie mine every time I pulled it out to brag, so I added a button to wrap the tie around.  MUCH better!


Books 62-66 are the fruits of some of my labors while my daughter was visiting.  I HAD to show her marbling and, in the process of having some fun, was able to get a whole mess of new covers ready.  This is the first batch!  Nothing really new here – I’m keeping it simple!


Books 67-70/100 is the last batch for a bit (due to me being a POOPED PUPPY).  Again, nothing new, but I am a little excited about those Boulders on the map paper (back left).  The paper is part of a big batch of aeronautical maps I found at an antique store several years ago.  I’ve almost thrown them out a dozen times, but kept thinking they’d find their purpose eventually.  Yep, I think they have!


Whew!  That’s a lot of books.  I, of course, love every single one and would like nothing better than to keep them ALL but, alas, they are all going with me this Saturday to the Indie Trunk Show!  I’m super excited about this venue – over 200 makers of all different sorts, just a mere 20 days before Christmas.  It’s bound to be festive and I’m doing my part with a few Christmasy goodies!

There are ornaments and garland…


and Christmas ephemera bags…


plus some new pen/tool rolls, which I’ve redesigned with a flap that folds over the top of the tools so they don’t fall out (I need to make one for ME)…


and new jewelry (with new packaging that I hope highlights it much better)…

IMG_1053 (1)

and a whole bunch of other good stuff that I will have up in my shop as soon as possible after Saturday (well, assuming I don’t SELL it all)!

Happy weekend!!

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Lucky Star Connection/Celebration


“Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was a simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The first still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated.” ~Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds

I’d have to say that the rain became sort of a defining element of my Lucky Star Art Camp experience this year – there were rain jackets and galoshes and puddles and even a river running through, but none of it seemed to dampen anyone’s spirit. We just rearranged, worked it out, pulled up our galoshes and such and trudged right on through. That spirit of pursuing your passions without restraint was only lifted and magnified by the rain.


So, here’s how it all went… I got up bright and early Tuesday morning, loaded just about everything I own, puzzling it all out so I could get what I needed when I needed it and also have room for MORE stuff (cause there was going to be shopping, oh yes there was!) and set out for Lewisville Tuesday afternoon. In Lewisville, I met up with my sweet friend Laura to spend the night and prepare for the final leg to Lucky Star on Wednesday. There was a grand tour of Laura’s amazing studio, puppy cuddles (that’s Beau, pictured above), a trip to Ikea (my first!), a yummy meal and a soft place to lay my head before we jumped back on the road and headed for camp! Laura is a most gracious hostess and we’re already planning our next adventure to Canton Trade Days in early 2016!!


We had a fun drive down to Hunt and arrived to greet lots of familiar faces + some new ones (there were hugs), check out our cabin, eat the first of many to-die-for dinners, listen to an inspiring and heart-felt discussion with Bernadette Noll, and then wrap it all up with Mandy Rowden’s truth-telling – sorta near the fire (oh, the rain!).

2015 Lucky Star

Thursday morning, I was up with the sun to put the finishing touches on my classroom and jump into the first of my two classes, Monoprint Heartsongs Folio. My students were so amazing – absolutely fearless and eager to try everything I threw at them. And their books!! Each one was a unique expression and truly beautiful. I know there was a whole BUNCH of well-deserved bragging that evening.


Friday I taught my Monoprint Longstitch Journal and had so much fun. It was a bit rainy, but we were cozy and warm, listening to music, chatting and working oh-so-playfully. We tried a few different printing techniques and then used our favorite papers in the afternoon to make our books. I think you can tell from those smiles that everyone was thrilled with the end result.

2015 Lucky Star1

Saturday I got to be a student and take an AMAZING class on Shibori, Making the World a Bluer Place. This was a class I’d been drooling over every day because the Thu and Fri classes were hanging their work right outside my classroom window. Let me tell you, Erin Lane was such a great teacher and she created just the most comfy and safe atmosphere for this slightly scary process. I absolutely ADORE what I made and cannot wait to do more!


Saturday evening was Lucky Star Show and Tell – there was Irish dancing and a guitar girls performance and lots of show and tell, including several of my students who stood up in front of everyone to brag about their beautiful books (my little ole heart just about burst with pride)! Oh, and there was a vendor fair too – that’s my table pictured above. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by – it was so much fun seeing your delight with what I had on offer and just talking and laughing together. Loved every moment!


If you’ve followed me over the years, you’ve seen me write about many different retreat experiences – I’ve stayed in adobe huts, creaky farmhouses, family camps and yurts. I’ve studied under people I consider masters in their fields – a world class triathlete, famous authors and “real” artists. I’ve connected with people from every possible walk of life – learning about their passions and struggles and coming to understand the many ways in which our passions and struggles intersect and (often) run parallel. I’ve often wished there was a way to capture the feeling I have when I’m in these places, standing side by side with these like-minded souls, because there is always that moment when I’m back in my studio alone wondering if it was even real – struggling to imagine how connected I was just a heartbeat ago.


Here’s what I know… the women I connected with last week at Lucky Star Art Camp were the real deal – passionate about living their lives holistically, from a place of vulnerability and truth, expressing their light in the most courageous ways imaginable, making what they make with pure joy and zero apology, loving without regret and growing tall and bright in the sunshine of those like-minded souls who gathered in that most beautiful place.


This year was unique for me in a number of ways. First it was my first time to attend as a teacher – I laughingly told someone that I’d been promoted. I suppose if anyone has earned a promotion, it might be someone like me, someone who probably barely said a dozen words the entire duration of my first retreat ten years ago – this year there were conversations and hugs and daring choices and it was liberating and life-affirming and I can barely stand the wait for next year.


I was also there with a group of women who truly and completely understand and accept me – flaws and all. It didn’t matter that I was hyper-focused on my classes the first two days, it didn’t matter that I got super quiet as the day started to wind down, it didn’t matter that I was a little late coming home after class – they waited and applauded (literally) when I walked in the door. It’s hard for me to even express how that lifted me up – I felt embraced, my demons stayed out on the front porch, and that safety net that was created for me, made it so much easier and natural for me to extend the embrace to others when they needed it.


I’ll just close with this last thought – if you’ve ever considered going to an art retreat, this is the one. You will be fed in so many ways – good food, of course, but also good connections that will most certainly remind you of what you might have forgotten – that life is a gift, meant to be shared and celebrated.

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100 Books Journey – Books 44 thru 52!



I’ve been debating whether to include this round of books. The first one undoubtedly counts – it’s a definite one-of-a-kind and was made while visiting my kiddo in Vermont earlier this month, so extra special! The others were made for the Lucky Star craft fair (coming up VERY soon now), so they’re all the same and were basically cranked out assembly style. After much inner debate, I finally decided – I made them, they count! Thus, I’m now at 52 books completed!! Seems like there should be some sort of fanfare, right?


Before I dive into the books, I have to say just a few words about fall in Vermont. Oh my heavens, it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in the south – COLD, cold nights (like winter for this Okie!) and all that gorgeous color!! Meg had all sorts of fun things planned for me – one of the highlights being the day we spent at the Shelburne. This amazing place is filled (to the brim) with the eclectic collections of Electra Havemeyer Webb. She was passionate about art, artifacts and even architecture and the museum is just breathtaking. With over 150,000 pieces, spanning 35 buildings and 8 acres, it’s certainly the largest museum I’ve ever visited! Some of our favorite exhibits included the steamship Ticonderoga – which you can board and explore and imagine to your hearts content…


Then there was the circus collection – full of carousel animals and the most amazing miniature circus parade (which I must’ve been too awestruck to photograph 😐 ). The piece below did manage to get into my photo files, thankfully. It was hand-carved by Edgar Kirk with just a treadle jigsaw and penknife. It took him over 40 years to complete and it includes over 3500 pieces – every one unique, best we could tell…


Lastly, the print shop – set up just like an old-time print shop and fully functional. The print-master, Russell was a wealth of information and I got to bring home one of those lovely letterpress alphabets you see on the wall there (Meg got a Ticonderoga poster, which was also extremely cool).


On to the books!! – 44/100 is a variation of the Triple Dash pattern I shared last post. I didn’t have my trusty Keith Smith guide with me, so we “winged it” with the stitching and I must say I really like how it came out. I’m calling this one the “Book on a Budget” because Meg didn’t really have traditional bookbinding tools/materials and some things are hard to find locally. What we did end up buying cost us just over $25 and she now has some basic tools! We ended up improvising a lot and had an awfully good time in the process. The covers were made from watercolor paper – mine (on your right) started with just random watercolor shapes, which I then cut them out and glued/sewed to a larger sheet with washes on it. I LOOOOOOOVE how it came out. Meg’s was made the same way, with the addition of some doodling, which really took it up a notch. Love hers too! Both are filled with drawing paper and I even trimmed the edges – with a craft knife, ya’ll – and it’s actually not too wonky. 🙂


Books 45-52/100 – You may remember these from a Family Art Day last month. I loved them so much, I decided to make a few for the Lucky Star market. I’m really digging how cute they look in that little wire basket!


I’m going to be hibernating a bit over the next few weeks, but will try to pop in either here or over on Facebook to keep you posted. I say “hibernating” – really, I’m adventure bound! Off to Lucky Star NEXT WEEK!!! Then I’m going to be head-down working to prep for The Indie Trunk Show at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds on December 5. I sort of applied on a whim and was so excited to be accepted – another grand adventure begins!!

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100 Books Journey – Books 40 thru 43

I’ve had my head down working over here, but haven’t had a lot to actually show for it – until today!  I finally diverted my attention from a whole NEW project and came back to my 100 Books Journey to finish a handful of new marbled books.  All of these are paperback books made with my own hand-marbled papers and book forms inspired by Keith Smith’s Non-Adhesive Binding, Vol. 2: 1- 2- & 3-Section Sewings.

40/100: The first book (shown below) is a chain stitched paperback, filled with 140lb watercolor paper.


It’s a single signature book of 14 total pages and only 5″ x 8″ – so it’s great on-the-go size size.  I love this cover because it was created using a single color – payne’s gray, which is one of my favorites these days!


41/100: I am a pink girl, through and through and the pops of orange on this cover just slay me – so much that I stitched it in orange too!


This 6″ x 9″ paperback book is two-signatures of 44 total pages – paper is 80lb multimedia paper and the stitch pattern is a called Carets.


42/100: Next up is another 6″ x 9″ two-signature paperback, filled with 24 pages of 140lb watercolor paper – stitch pattern is called ZigZag.


This cover looks like a map to me – maybe the narrow lines and fields of blue?  I love it and the stitch pattern was so much fun to do!  I’ll be stitching more of these I think! 🙂


43/100: Last, but not least, is a three-signature paperback in a beautiful stone pattern of blues and a pop of yellow.


The stitch pattern is a pamphlet variation called Triple Dash.  I really like it because you can get creative with the length of your stitches and really vary this a LOT over many books.


All of these books (and many others from my 100 Books Journey) are coming with me to Lucky Star next month!  I’ll be teaching two classes – Monoprint Heartsongs Folio on Thursday and Monoprint Longstitch Journal on Friday.  Plus, I’ll have a table at vendor night on Saturday! If you’re there, be sure to come see me cause I’ll have coupons for my online versions of both classes AND I’ll be introducing a brand new online class/diy kit that I’m super pumped about.  If you are thinking about coming, don’t delay!  Registration ends this week!!  Hope to see you there!


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100 Books Journey – Book 39


Instead of cleaning up after Family Art Day this past weekend, I took advantage of having all the marbling goodies out and threw stones all afternoon!


The tanks were a bit sludgy after Saturday’s activity and didn’t really want to play with any of the more intricate patterns, but they sure did like stones and I got a number of pieces that I am particularly in love with!


This one found its way into book 39/100!  It’s a two signature book, bound in another of Keith Smith’s forms from 1-2 & 3 Section Sewings, called Pinking Sheers. I filled it with a really sweet Fabriano Watercolor paper I picked up a few weeks ago and the end papers are another bit of that bright turquoise Canson Mi Tientes I’ve been using all summer, so this book is just luscious!


I also got a chance to do a little experimenting in the marbling tank and loved this last piece so much I had to mount it on a cradle board…


It reminds me of an alien landscape and has me thinking about exploring a whole series of them. Hubby and I are off on Friday for our annual health sojourn in the dessert, so it’ll have to wait til I get back, but I suspect these landscapes might find their way into my dreams while I’m gone.


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Family Art Day and Books 37 & 38


I don’t know about yours, but my family tends to be a little scattered. We’re busy, some of us live outside the city, life just gets in the way and we tend not to get together as much as I would like – which is one of the main reasons I started Family Art Day. That and my absolute LOVE of sharing the creative process with anyone who shows an interest!


We get together about once a month to visit, share a meal, and make something pretty. We’ve been a busy bunch this past summer and have gotten a out of our once-a-month rotation, but the recent arrival of my new grand-niece (Aug 1) and a visit from her grandma and great-grandma from Florida made it perfect timing to get back in the game! We had a full house this past Saturday and I think a marbelous (pun intended) time was had by all!


First we marbled (thus, the pun 😉 ), then we used our beautiful papers to make darling little accordion books, which we filled with even MORE darling photos of the new baby.


I suspect there will be a whole lotta bragging going on as those little books make their way out into the world this week!


I know mine (#37/100 – the pink one on the left) is definitely going into my purse for bragging purposes. The second book on the right (#38/100) will be going in my shop – soon!!

Family Art Day BragBooks

This day also marked the first official sharing of my brand new screen porch!! This has been all I have thought about all summer – planning, gathering, sewing and crafting – and I guess there was a little construction involved too. We started with this…IMG_0754-001

When the workers left Friday afternoon, I went to work filling it up with all my collected bits and now I have THIS…


There is still a bit of finishing work to be done (brick shifting, gutters and other boring stuff like that), but the part I am enthusiastic about is definitely ready for primetime!! My family was thrilled (as am I) – there were plenty of spots for everyone to sit and visit, a soft spot for the baby to nap, and just the sweetest/coziest little space you ever did see. Here are a few highlights…

  • The sofa is a Saybrook All-Weather Wicker Sofa from Pottery Barn – I got it on summer clearance for about half the regular price. We could not have picked a better time to furnish an outdoor space because every item I added was on sale. Yay!
  • The black and white ottoman is hand-made by me from this Style Me Pretty tutorial. I did alter mine in a couple of ways – first, before I stitched the whole thing together, I added a long zipper to one side seam so I can wash it; second, instead of stuffing with bean-bag pellets, I stuffed mine with blankets! It’s nice and firm, won’t break down over time, better for the environment, and serves dual duty as a place to store blankets. I can always open the zipper and take one out if I need it over the winter!
  • The cushions on the wicker chair were Pier 1 cushions (agaiIMG_0807.jpgn on summer clearance) that I just recovered with my own fabric.
  • The rug was on summer clearance from Target (7×10 Threshold Indoor/Outdoor Flatweave Diamond Area Rug – in Turquoise).
  • The blue chair front-right is a Melanie Side Chair from Wayfair. This fun, retro-styled chair is also a glider. I have cushions to recover for it, but just haven’t gotten there yet.
  • On the other side, I have a little bistro set that I got on clearance from Pier 1. I’m planning to add bright cushions to the chairs and possibly another small rug.

All of the side tables, plants and the quilt on the couch were things I already had. I’m also planning to add some twinkle lights and prayer flags and I have a sign to paint that will read, “life is better on the porch.” Because I’m truly finding that a life centered around porch-living is pretty sweet indeed.


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100 Books Journey – Books 35 & 36


In the interests of full disclosure, I started what I intended to be book 35 and got stuck. I had this crazy stitching idea, spent days working it out, then just wasn’t happy with the outcome. It’s been sitting on my workbench taunting me ever since! Should I tear the stitching out and try again? Should I regroup and reinvent? Should I abandon it as a lost cause? I swear, it’s sitting over in the corner right now, sticking its tongue out at me! As someone great once said, “the best laid plans are sometimes best laid aside.” I’ll get back to it (eventually). In the meantime, I did manage to bring a couple of other fun ideas to fruition and here they are!


Book 35/100: This is a single signature, chain stitched book and is another example of the type of book I wanted the lying press for. One thing I learned while trimming this baby, though, I probably need to go ahead and trim the top and bottom of my pages before binding and just use my plough to trim the side edge. I found the signature-fold a little tricky to navigate with my make-shift blade and ended up having to hand-trim in places.


I was ultimately triumphant, however, and I love this book (though it may not, in fact, be a favorite 😉 ). It’s filled with 24 sheets of my go-to 90lb mixed media paper – folding my cover to create a 1/4″ spine allowed me to really pack the paper in (which I love).


The marbled cover was actually an oops of a Nonpareil American pattern, but I liked how it almost looked like leaves on vines, so I decided to use it. My favorite thing about it is the spine, which lined up almost perfectly with a “stem line” down the center and “leaves” on either side of the stitching – nice little happy accident!


Book 36/100: This book was born out of a personal need. If you follow me on Instagram (#kjw2play), you might suspect that I am an avid nature lover. While the rule of the trail is generally, “take only memories, leave only footprints,” when I’m hiking non-protected trails, I do sooooooo love to satisfy my magpie urges by picking up interesting leaves, feathers and the like. Sometimes, the things I pick up are wet, could use cleaning before they’re handled too much (like feathers), or (worse) they end up forgotten at the bottom of my bag. So I decided to make a field journal / flower press! I wanted it to be light, portable and contained – and I wanted it to reflect the natural world I love so dearly.


The cover is made from Gelli® plate monoprints, made using natural leaves and feathers as masks and stamping tools. I printed a large, abstract piece for the overall background, then created little vignette type prints to sew on top. The book is tape bound with scraps of ribbon and lace and stitched with lavender waxed linen thread. Inside the book are a minimal number of pages – a total of 12, plus two pocket signatures. My intent was to use the book more as a press than to put anything into it permanently, so I kept it pretty small (we’ll see how that goes).


The two pocket signatures are made from glassine envelopes. For this, I simply taped two envelopes (sized 5.5″ x 8.25″) together along one side with washi tape to form a signature.  I did use a heavier coated tape, stitched the signatures very carefully/gently to avoid tearing, and will need to watch the tape ends as they may begin to unstick over time and use.  Simple solution for that is to just re-stick them with glue stick, matte medium or more tape!


The book also has an elastic closure to keep it closed and help with the pressing aspect.


Plus an expandable collection pocket at the back. THIS book probably IS my current favorite and I can’t wait to take it with me on my next nature wander! 🙂

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100 Books Journey – Book 34


Hooray!! My lying press came this week and the first thing I did was finish book #34! This book has been laying on my worktable for a couple of weeks now with paper hanging out the side because I wanted to trim it flat.


The trimming process was a little tricky – I ended up having to hand-trim a few pages afterwards, but am hopeful that practice will help. I’m also not 100% sure my makeshift plough is going to be adequate, but I haven’t given up on it just yet. In any event, book #34/100 is finished and I think it’s one of my favorites. 😉


This is a two-signature Linked-X book from Keith Smith’s 1-2 & 3 Section Sewings. I had actually planned to stitch this as a Soft-K, but I realized right away that my tension was too tight and I just decided to go with it. Soft-K and Linked-X are basically the same stitch, the Soft-K is just looser and looks more like a letter K.


The cover is pieced-together scraps of marbling, backed with a beautiful plum-colored Canson Mi Tientes paper. I’ve layered on some stitching, stenciling, rubber stamping, a bit of security envelope collage and finished with a tiny bit of pen-work. It’s a little wild, but I’m really loving all the color and movement – I think it would make a great inspiration journal.


Inside the book cover, I’ve also created two long pockets. I know I love to stuff loose papers and found bits into my books and am not always prompt about gluing them in, so I love when I can include a pocket or two for temporary storage of those goodies. To make these pockets, I just made my cover extra wide, folded over about a two-inch flap (front and back), then finished by sewing the top and bottom on the sewing machine.


My next book, book #35, is well underway. It’s going to be more of an art book vs. a blank book, so it’s an evolving process, but I’m hoping to bind today and maybe finish by the end of the week!


Truthfully, I’ve been a little side-tracked the last week or so as Hubby and I are working on a home-improvement project. We’re screening in our back patio, which I’m over-the-moon excited about because we don’t have a lot of shade in our back yard and, as a TOTAL back-yard-shady-chair-sitting kinda gal, this will be a huge and much welcomed change. I’ll share more as the project develops!

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