Welcome to One January Day!  Phew – what a journey I’ve had getting here!!!  From leaving AT&T, to saying farewell to dragonfly, to starting an Etsy store, to registering a domain (yikes), I feel like I’ve walked a million miles to get to this new beginning!  I’m so very, very, very grateful that you’ve followed me over here.  This path is feeling like it needs a little more clearing and care right now, but I sense it holds a lot of promise and I’m excited to get started!

You might be wondering, “why go to all the trouble of changing to a new blog?”  As I said in my dragonfly farewell, some of it’s related to branding.  I want my new path to be clear to everyone (including me) and it seemed a little messy to be one thing on Etsy and something else entirely in the blogosphere.  I’ve also been struggling a bit over the last year with not knowing exactly where I was headed with dragonfly.  When I started blogging, I was fully swept up in the winds of change and the dragonfly, with its message of enlightenment and renewal, was just the ticket for what I needed to learn and share about myself.  Today, I’m in a much different place and, though I still honor the dragonfly ideal of transformation and growth, I’m ready to step forward into the wholeness of myself.

The idea for One January Day came from the idea of fresh starts and that sense of beginning that accompanies a new year.  I love the idea of approaching every day life with a beginner’s mind – holding a perspective of wonder and play, giving myself the luxury of starting over when I’ve made a wrong turn, letting go of the junk that no longer serves me, and living in this moment – every day.

I have lots more to share, but mainly just wanted to get this ball rolling!  Thanks again for following me over – or if you’re new, WELCOME!!  Here’s a little of what you’ll find here now and can expect to see in the future…

  • You’ll find a new Resources page (up at the top) where I’ve shared some of my favorite art supplies – this page will evolve and grow as I think of more goodies.
  • I’ve kept my quotes page, now called Wisdom Words (also at the top) and will be adding to it as well.
  • I’ve also updated my About page to tell you a little more about this big change – hope you’ll take a moment to check that out too.
  • Last, but not least, I’ve added a badge!  I had a couple of requests for a badge when I was blogging under dragonfly and thought I’d just start things off with a bang and offer one here – so look down at the bottom of this page and you’ll find an image you can copy and the html that goes behind it.
  • Coming up:  I’m stepping ever-so-gently into the publication world (can I get another YIKES?!) and will have more to share on that front in the next couple of days; I’m also stepping up my photography game and will be adjusting the Gallery in the right-hand sidebar to highlight some of my work in both the art and photography areas; plus I still have more goodies to add to the shop and will post some highlights soon.

So, there you have it!  Once again, welcome and off we go!!!