Somehow I had fallen away from art journaling over the last year or so.  I’ve been making lots of journals – but not putting too much into them.  I know the healing power of this medium – but had turned my back on it, thinking I didn’t need healing anymore since my major problem (my former job) had been solved.

The thing is, life is a journey.  Every step leads to the next and on it goes until the end of our days.  My leaving AT&T was just another step in my journey and, while I am enjoying retirement with all my heart, it has not been the solution to all my problems – just a doorway to another whole set of problems (and some new joys too).

The thing I love about art journaling (and have been reminded of through Judy’s class) is that, even when everything looks rosy on the surface, there is almost always something churning underneath.  And, when it looks to the rest of world as though I have it pretty good, art journaling gives me an outlet where I can vent or moan or rejoice, as needed, without benefit of eye-rolls and tiny violins.

I’m sort of in a zone right now where all I want to do is art journal and I realize these things go in cycles – there are times when I feel joyous and have lots of words to share with the world – blogging feels like a great release in those times; then there are times when I feel introspective and have little to share – libraries are pretty good for those kind of times; and then there are times when I’m somewhere in between, needing a place to express myself without anyone’s input – and my art journal couldn’t be more perfect for times like these.