I’ve been working on a challenge for my art group this week and finally wrapped it up today.  Can’t show the finished piece until after the swap Thursday night, but I’ll tell you it started as a 500-piece puzzle. I hadn’t put together a puzzle in I can’t remember how long, so I started with that – just piecing it together one lazy Sunday afternoon.

There’s something so meditative about puzzle piecing – I’d forgotten.  In the book I’ve been reading, one of the characters (a college chaplain) requires every student who visits him to place a piece in his ongoing puzzle – except the pieces are from all different puzzles, so there is no “correct” placement.  The students have to make either a logical choice, finding a piece that actually fits with another; or an intuitive choice, based on sheer feeling, sometimes having to force the piece into place.  In the story, I think it has something to do with encouraging the students to think outside the box – to break out of what they’re expected to do (work the edges, match the colors, complete the middle) and come up with some unique perspective.

I’d love to try it for myself – not only for the practice of thinking/creating more intuitively, but also for the challenge of creating something beautiful out of the end result – mixing colors, images, and meanings to create something abstract and new.  May have to explore that a little further!