What would happen if one small, seemingly insignificant person… did something tiny but heartfelt to spread hope, kindness, and sharing in the world?  Would it be contagious?  Would it (could it) grow to enormous proportions?  What would you do if you had a chance to participate in something like that?

Amy Krouse Rosenthal of Beckoning of Lovely fame (not to mention Always Trust Magic and many other projects specifically designed to spread love and kindness) has released a new book called “Plant a Kiss” about a little girl who gives a tiny gift and watches it grow into something bigger than she ever imagined…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZWasH_YfBg]

To help promote Amy’s book, my friend Sherry Richert Belul asked me and a few other amazing bloggers to participate in “Plant a Kiss” day.  On April 29, each of us will go out in the world and “plant a kiss” by doing something little (or big) to spread magic and joy – and we’ll be back to celebrate and tell you all about it during a big blog party on May 1.

Want to join in? Start by planting a kiss of your own on April 29…

  • If you live in Oklahoma City, stop by My Heart’s Fancy by April 28 and pick up one of my Fortune Kiss packages.  The package contains two little paper fortune cookie kisses with inspirational quotes tucked inside (like those shown above) – a kiss to keep for yourself and another to share on 4/29!
  • If you don’t live in Oklahoma City, click here to download a PDF that contains a Fortune Kiss pattern and instructions, then make some of your own to give away on 4/29.
  • Participate in Amy’s Texting Mission at 4:29pm on April 29 – http://youtu.be/tVubcPK5s0E
  • Get inspired by these great ideas from Sherry Richert Belul or do something completely original!

Then come back on May 1 and join the party!  There will be posts by some amazing bloggers, like Andrea Scher, Pixie Campbell, and Maya Stein (just to name a few) AND there will be fabulous prizes!

Want to know what my prize contribution will be?  A Chinese takeout box filled with finished Fortune Kisses (~40) plus one of my Connections Business Card Boxes…

Ready, set, plant a kiss!!