Pieces of a junk-mail journal I started at My Hearts Fancy.

I must admit, my head has been hovering in the clouds quite a bit this week… flitting from book to book to book junk-food; avoiding “need to” projects in favor of “want to” ones.  And chores?  Forget-about-it!

International Coffee House tins waiting to be turned into Business Card Boxes.

I’ve been much too busy dreaming and playing for anything like laundry or vacuuming.

Art canvas experiments in progress.

I haven’t really been able to focus much on any one thing.  I’ve been too distracted by EVERY little thing, though I did spend yesterday with a friend, stitching a new journal…

New journal – I think I’m in complete LOVE with that dandelion cover.  Maybe some for the shop?

Which is sort of a “need to” since I wanted a new journal to take with me to Wisconsin (week after next – wow, how time does fly)!  Of course, there’s still the supply gathering, road trip planning, and wardrobe deciding to do – which is very soon to become a “must do.”

I think I get in this state anytime I find myself with so many ideas floating around that I can’t decide where to start.  The Plant a Kiss project this past week has been a saving grace in more ways than one because I needed that anchor – a project I was completely passionate about, that also happened to have some deadlines attached (and if you haven’t commented yet on all the posts, be sure to hop on over before end of day tomorrow May 4).

I’m finding (slowly but surely) that I do best in this retired life when I have these sorts of anchors… to keep me passionate, productive and moving forward.  A friend and I have been talking about scheduling regular time of that sort – time to go out in the world and just play or spread love or find inspiration and adventure.

I suppose, when I stop to really absorb the idea, it’s less about an anchor and more about wings.