Got a bright and early start this morning and made it to Kansas City! Absolutely glorious day and it seems like the planets are aligning perfectly to make sure I take in all the goodness I possibly can!!

First stop was Mrs. O’Leary’s Mercantile in Wichita, KS. I’ve been wanting to visit this store ever since I had the opportunity to take a class with owner, Joni Russell, last summer. Oh my, this place is an absolute treasure trove for a crafty hunter/gatherer like me… well, here, see for yourself…





Two hours later, I drug myself away, grabbed a quick lunch and headed out for Kansas City, MO, where I found another treasure called Stuff. I absolutely fell in love with this little shop! It was just full of unusual, hand-crafted art and curios. I walked around once and had to go around a second time to make sure I didn’t miss anything. And the staff? Wow – so helpful and they were just thrilled when I shared the purpose for my little adventure. Plus they have an online store (tease) so be sure to check them out. Here’s a little taste of the stuff of Stuff…



Found a Holiday Inn at the top of a veeeeeeery long hill, which I didn’t realize was quite so long til on the way back from a perfectly lovely little Italian Bistro at the bottom of said hill. I got to sit on the patio and get totally pampered by my sweet waiter – oh, and I normally avoid food shots, but I just couldn’t resist this one (Seafood Lasagna – sooooo good).


So, for someone planning to take it slow and easy, it turned into quite the full day! I’ll leave you with this one last shot that I noticed just as I sat down to write this post – could that be any more poetic?!…