All good things must come to an end, as they say, and this day marked the end of an amazing workshop, not to mention a departure from one of the most gorgeous place I’ve ever visited. Valley Ridge is simply heaven for a country-girl-at-heart like me – so peaceful, delicious food (chef Bonnie even pitched in some of her best recipes for a cookbook), and hospitality like no other! Not just anybody could have accomplished what Katherine Engen has done on her little farm in southwest Wisconsin and I’m deeply grateful to have experienced it.


If that weren’t enough, I got to experience two of the sweetest, most talented teachers I’ve ever learned from! Katie Kendrick is somebody I discovered in the blogosphere way back in 2007 when I was first dog-paddling my way around those massive waters. She just shines and, oh my, the art that woman produces!


And Misty… what a sweetheart! So talented and so humble about it. Every morning, Misty started us off with a short yoga practice – outside. It just reminded me so much of what first drew me to yoga and I’m dreaming right now of taking up such a practice back home. I know it probably won’t be practical when those three digit temps roll in, but I’m determined to find a way to bring that sort of grounding energy into the start of my days.


Both Katie and Misty were more than willing to share their wealth of knowledge with us – I only wish I had the brain capacity to really take it all in!! Mostly, right now, I just know I need a whole LOT of practice if I ever want to truly move forward and, at the moment, I feel like I can commit to that. I just hope I can hold onto the inspiration and resolve when I get back to the “real” world.

So, tonight I’m back in Dubuque, Iowa the first short leg of the long journey home (that’s the mighty Mississippi you see at the top of this post – practically outside my door). I’m staying in a simply lovely hotel, called the Hotel Julian. It’s one of those big old hotels that you imagine might have a ghost or two hiding.


I doubt they’ll trouble me because I am completely wiped out. Me thinks an early night is ahead, followed by a long drive tomorrow. I’m taking an alternate route home, by way of Columbia, Missouri, and hope to have a tiny bit more road-tripping adventure to share tomorrow.

Til then, here’s hoping inspiration and adventure find their way to you!!