Meg and I spent a HOT sunshiny day painting Hubby’s store windows yesterday.  When we did the south windows last fall, we chose a Sunday when the store was closed.  Let’s just say Saturday was hopping with activity.  Might’ve been the big Thunder playoff, but there sure were a TON of people in and out all day!

I was the apprentice for the day… fetching water, painting on primer and base colors, fetching cold drinks.  Did I mention how HOT it was out there on the west side of the store from 11am to 8pm?!?.

At first, we were both a little nervous about the traffic, but everyone was so wonderfully supportive!  It seemed like all that color going up just added to the festivities and we both ate it up.

There’s just something about that sort of connection… people really seeing us through the art and responding in a visceral way… making positive suggestions in the spirit of fun and creativity, offering up bedroom windows and houses and miscellaneous signs for “next projects”, even a few offers to stay and help!  It felt a little like a Plant a Kiss party, all that connection and an inkling of possible ideas launched… it was just plain heaven!

I ran to the grocery store this afternoon and it all really came home in a weird way, when I noticed the shopper in front of me in the checkout lane talking earnestly on her cell phone throughout her entire transaction.  When it was my turn, the checker even commented, “when did that become okay?” and I have to agree… when did it become okay to simply ignore another human being in favor of a telephone conversation?  When there’s so much for everyone to gain from the simple day-to-day connections – the random, fresh-from-the-universe opportunities to reach out, what can possibly be so important on your phone.

And what might we miss in those moments when we separate ourselves that way?