Remember an oh-so-long time ago, when I teased about my book weight prototype?  I seem to be a tad bit behind on my hopeful prediction of having these in the shop by early March (yes, this past March), but better-late-than-never, right?

Being an avid reader-while-eating, I’m especially excited about this lifestyle product!  I’ve been using my prototype since March and it has managed every book I’ve thrown its way – plus, weighing in at less than 3 ounces, I’ve just been tossing it in my bag without any noticeable weight difference.  The possibilities are endless too – whether you’re eating lunch while trying to read a novel, crafting while following instructions in a book, or cooking from a recipe, this baby will keep your book open for you!

I also have a Teal/Green and a Pink (with Teal, Orange and Green accents) – check them out here!