There are times when my head is full
like a dark, brooding sky just before a torrential rain.
And other times when it’s as empty as the cotton candy wisps
floating high on a lazy summer day.

The slightest hint of containment seems to send all my thoughts & ideas scurrying,
like a wild kitten threatened with a cage.
The times when the ideas flow easiest
are those when there is no tangible way to capture them…
an empty-handed morning walk,
sleepy thought-whispers in the middle of the night,
shower inspiration that disappears the moment my fingers touch the towel.

The trick I think is to treat them like treasures
and let them go because you love them…
they’ll return when you least expect them.

But you have to listen,
for the ideas to flow…
leave the phone at home,
set aside the myriad distractions life offers…

and just sit quietly,
invite the ideas gently,
and trust that they will come.