“The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”
~Henry Ells

Some sort of bug laid me out yesterday and all my plans had to be set aside once again.  I suspect it might have been the universe reminding me not to chase perfect.  Since I’ve spent most of the week since we got back shopping and prepping all sorts of healthy snacks and such – without even a moment in the art studio, it was probably timely.   Some lessons bear repeating – again and again and again.

One of the more interesting experiences of last week was my Healing Touch session.  I’ll spare you the woo-woo parts, but it had to do with grounding my energy and I definitely feel like it eased the scattered, flighty, forgetfulness I’ve been struggling with all year.  Everything has been in crystal focus since I got home and I’m finding it much easier to do what’s needed to take care of myself – from getting up at dawn to walk (before the heat sets in), to smaller portions of healthier foods, to allowing myself a full day of rest – without guilt, which is REALLY huge for me.

So, today, I’m finally in the studio working on a guest book (along these lines – but in my style) for my niece’s upcoming wedding.  There have been times this year when I’ve absolutely dreaded the design phase of a project like this  – worry about whether anyone will like it, whether my ideas will work, whether I’ll be able to source the materials I need.  But I’ve has so much fun with it this week – mostly I’ve been sourcing papers and now I’m getting ready to dig into my stash and see what other goodies I can find.  I don’t have a start-to-finish plan, but that feels okay, like the plan will evolve along the way into something my niece will love.

I’m realizing that this perspective has to filter into all areas of my life – I have to take care of my body for me, not because the doctor says I should or because the world is kinder to skinny people;  I have to make things for my own love of the process instead of the hope that someone will want to buy the finished piece; and I have to live in each moment – seizing the opportunities that present themselves, even when it looks like a day in bed.