This is something new I’m working on – another shadow box sort of thing where I’m experimenting with dimension and found objects.  I’m not sure why I’m so intrigued by shadow boxes.  Maybe it’s something about collecting things and preserving them under glass.  When I went to the fair a few weeks ago, I spent a lot of time investigating the butterfly collections.  The ones I liked best were so very neat and precise – for me, it almost didn’t matter what the butterflies looked like when the presentation was so perfect.  I work a lot with perfection – or the trying to let go of it  (because perfect is the enemy of good), but those butterfly boxes just spoke to me.

The thing about perfection is, of course, that it’s completely unattainable.  I may have made an amazing piece of art, but I utterly destroyed my art room in the progress.  And now the tricky part is getting myself to get up and restore order.  The rush of making the art is gone, now that I’m waiting for glue to dry, and the lure of Facebook, Google Reader and the antique mall seems much more enticing than finding a place to return EVERY POSSIBLE THING I OWN to its tidy home.

I always say I’ll do better next time – put things away as I finish with them, work on one project at a time, avoid making stacks… but I always forget when I’m in the midst of creating.  On the plus side, I have EVERY POSSIBLE THING I OWN out at the moment, and it all probably sort of goes together somehow since I had a particular goal in mind when I was working on this piece, so I could probably start picking up as I work a journal page.  Those “first thing I touch” pages always end up being my favorites.

I’m curious, how do you manage the disaster in your art space?