As I approach one of the BIG milestone birthdays (50 next July), I’m more inspired than ever to grab all the excitement and adventure I possibly can.  I’ll admit that aging scares me a little, but I’m a firm believer in making the most of my time on this planet by 1) maintaining regular health care practices; 2) staying active; and 3) following my dreams.  I’ve been eating more healthfully and exercising regularly and realistically and have gotten back on a regular schedule of doctor visits – all the normal ones, plus the recommended ones for women of a “certain age.”

I’m also working hard to articulate and realize some big and little dreams.  To that end, I’ve written myself a “Fifty before 50” list – fifty things I want to accomplish before I reach the half-a-century mark next July.  I started this list right after my birthday, so have already made some headway!  Below are a few highlights…

  • clear art room stacks (done! 8/16/12 – though I now have NEW stacks and may have to reopen this one)
  • clean guest room closet (done! 7/30/12)
  • purge old/ill-fitting clothes (done! 8/12)
  • take a print-making class (done! 8/22/12)
  • sell something to a stranger on Etsy (done!! 8/9/12)
  • submit something to a juried event (done! Oklahoma State Fair 9/8/12)
  • go on a trip with Hubby to someplace we’ve never been (done! Arizona 9/2012)
  • teach a class (done! 9/29/12 and done!! 11/3/12 and one more on the way!!!)

A few things I’m still working on…

  • go see the Heavener Rune Stone
  • submit something for publication in a magazine (have some things in mind – just need to stop procrastinating and do the paperwork!!)
  • see the milky way in the night sky
  • read 50 books (on the way – 25 and counting!!)
  • perform at least 10 random acts of kindness
  • thank someone who has had a significant impact on my life
  • buy one piece of original art by an artist I love
  • participate in an art show (on the way!!)

I’m still working on the full list of 50, but you can view it here – I’ll be updating as I make progress!!