Love Anyway

Love Anyway


My studio reorganizing last week inspired some computer reorganizing too and I ran accross a couple of abandoned poems.  Here is one of them all polished and shined for you. 🙂

Love Anyway
by Kelley Walker

What if girls were like flowers…
tiny purple ones that get lost in the grass,
fat pink ones that hang heavy on their stems,
cheerful yellow ones that herald spring,
brilliant orange-red ones that dazzle the roadside.

Flowers don’t need the world to make them whole,
to make them proud,
or thin,
or smart,
or pretty.

They only need to rest quietly beneath the earth
until the time comes to poke their heads out into the sun
and spread their petals without fear,
without expectation,
without fear of judgment,
without need of love,

but receiving love anyway.


  1. Beautiful ! Smiles and warm insides here.
    Your studio is looking oh so awesome, Kelley ! Enjoy the flow !

  2. Beautifully written and captured

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