Yesterday’s Gelli® Journaling class was just a dream, filled with texture and color and discovery and excitement!!  Something magical seems to happen to me when I step in front of a classroom – my insecurities fall away, the volume of my voice increases (a little anyway), my confidence multiplies.  It’s like I’m suddenly new and so full of information I can’t get it to spill out of my mouth fast enough (I may need to learn to temper that last bit ;)).


There’s a two-way energy that occurs – I get to fill the wells of my students and, if I do my job right, the things I’ve taught will fuel their creativity long after class ends.  In return, I get to reap the rewards of their excitement and creative discovery!


With yesterday’s class, I felt that creative give and take about a thousand times over!!  The overall kind of magic I’m talking about doesn’t happen unless the classroom is filled with enthusiastic spirits – and this one SURELY was.


Before I go any further, I MUST highlight Chris’s shirt (shown in the photo above) – she Gelli® printed it, folks!!  With plain old acrylic paint and she said she washed it without any fading or bleeding.  As someone who has Gelli® printed just about anything that hasn’t moved fast enough, I’m almost embarrased to admit I have not tried clothing yet.  But it’s next on my list!  Thank you, Chris, for inspiring us!!

I just had soooo much fun sharing techniques and watching these ladies take off running!!  There’s just nothing that fills me up in quite that way.  Here’s a peek of their work (and ladies, if I mis-credited any of these photos, please give me a shout)…


Sue’s fave – SUCH a pretty color palette and love all those diverse layers peeking through.


Debra’s cover (the texture and those colors – positively made me swoon!!!)


Another beautiful color palette – believe this was Glenda’s.


Eileen’s – with a photo added; the leaves in the photo looked almost felted to me, but they were real; collected on a walk near her home in Washington state!


Glenda’s cover – I never get tired of seeing that beautiful color and texture against the black background of these little journals. Just beautiful!!


Alice’s favorite page (and one of mine too – LOVE that color combo and the subtle pattern peeking through)!


Sissy’s fave page – highlighting one of my hand-cut stencils; love how that circular pattern at top almost looks like air bubbles.


Linette’s faves – the one on the left is a Messy Second done with a pale pink paint. LOVE!!!


Chris’s favorite page – yummy tranquil colors with the Henna Hands stencil (from Julie Balzer)


A favorite page from Debra – this girl was completely fearless with color! I wanted to grab a Messy Second from her plate every time I walked by!!!

It was just a joyful class all around and I am beyond inspired by the work this group completed!  Their creativity and daring spirit will have me fueled to the top for weeks to come!!  Thank you, ladies, I’m oh-so-grateful for your continued support!!