I’m truly not sure where to begin telling the story of this trip (Canyon Ranch, Tuscon AZ, May 11-17, 2013).  There was relaxation, certainly – in the form of rest, play and yummy spa services.


There was MUCH inspiration!  Megan sketched some of the amazing flora and architecture (must beg again for copies to share), gorgeous artwork on the walls and grounds of the ranch, AND a wonderful field trip to DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun – well before opening hours so we could wander, sketch and paint to our heart’s content.


There were mountains majesty, which we enjoyed from afar on our morning loops around the ranch (one day I intend to get a closer look).


There was self-exploration and trying (many) new things – crystal energy healing, gluten free (me) and vegan (meg) diets, desert drumming (drumsticks + exercise balls = FUN!) and world beat with live drummers and Latin, African, and Brazilian-flavored dance moves!


There were quiet times – yoga, meditation, stretch and restoration classes; learning about mindfulness and connection; deep, long conversations in the shade.


One of the hard things about going to a place like Canyon Ranch is that you are exposed to dozens of practices and ideas that you are certain you will bring back to your daily life – it all seems easy when you are there and surrounded by the best possible choices!


The trick, I’ve found, is choosing the one or two things that stand out most and trying to just start with those.  For me, it was the notion of living mindfully – when worries or lists start to flood, returning to sensation or my breath.  I think if I can do that, it will be treasure enough.


The best part of all was getting to share this experience with my Meg.  The week was a celebration of all the hard work she’s put in over the last 10+ years to complete her Masters degree.  It wasn’t always easy for her (or for me), but I’m so proud of the woman she is, so amazed by her grace and wisdom, so very grateful for our friendship.  I think this trip has changed us both – opened our hearts, worn off the rough edges, started some healing and growth.  I can’t wait to see where it takes us next!