Since I returned from vacation in Tucson last week, I’ve been making a point of getting outside to walk every morning, on Sunday at the nature park and today at Lake Hefner, and I have been amazed at the level of the water – we’ve been under drought conditions for so long I’d forgotten what it looked like to see them full and fat.  More rain is falling outside my window as I type this, so I’m feeling confident of a nice green spring and summer – one blessing in the wake of so much tragedy.


One of the little things I brought back from Tucson is a new-found respect for (fear of?) tight spaces.  I suspect it has something to do with breaking free of some internal barriers and it has me feeling especially compassionate for those who have been trapped in storm shelters.  Certainly, that’s better than the alternative and we have a garage storm shelter ourselves that I’m very grateful for, but I sure am hoping I never have to use it.  I did make time to register our storm cellar with the city this morning – something that was stressed in the news reports last night and this morning.  I’m praying that everyone has been located at this point!


My heart goes out those who’ve suffered in this disaster.  The news has been running the story non-stop since yesterday afternoon and I sometimes think we’re a little closer to the tragedy than we should be.  At times during some of this week’s weather, it has almost seemed like the chasers were rooting for the storm.  Not yesterday.  Everyone knew exactly what we were seeing and the mood was much quieter, much more respectful of the healing work ahead.   Today, the weather warnings have been much infrequent and I’ve left the television and radio off for the most part, but my heart is still with the city of Moore.  I’ve sent a donation (text FOOD to 32333 to give $10 to relief efforts) and am planning to go pick up some supplies to take to one of several drop-off points around the city.  It’s not much, but we do what we can, trust that everything helps and hug our loved ones just a tiny bit closer.