Azalea Festival - April in Muskogee, Oklahoma

Azalea Festival – April in Muskogee, Oklahoma

Well, here I go again with the “furniture” rearranging.  My first husband used to tease that he dare not go to sleep lest he wake and trip over the couch.  Ah well, I like to keep things new!

red dirt and woody trails

red dirt and woody trails

As you’ve no doubt discovered, my home page here on is now a gallery of current and past artwork.  The way I get things to appear in said gallery is to blog about them, so you’ll be seeing a series of blog posts over the coming days that highlight some of my latest work.  As always, if you’re interested in something, be sure to check my Etsy store at  If you don’t see it in the store, contact me through the “” link in the sidebar.

Redbuds and Bradfords in the spring


I’ve made the blog somewhat secondary on the site but will still be posting (just click the “blog” link in the menu up top) and keeping you up to date on life and art and what-not.  This change shouldn’t impact your feeds if you’re a subscriber, but if it does, please give me a shout and I will figure out/share the correct link (sorry, feeling my way through the dark a little on this one).

IMG_0849 (3)-sm

and Bradfords in the spring

In other news, we’re still safe from the tornado rampage that’s been plaguing the state so badly this spring. It’s the worst in my memory, but I’m still happy to report we have not had to go to the cellar (though I did take time to clean out the dust and spider webs last week – just in case).  It’s funny, when I was little, it seems like we went to the cellar just about every time it stormed, but that was WAY before things like Doppler which can give us 15-20 minutes advance warning.  I read an article this morning by a long-time Okie talking about why we endure the tornado threat and found myself nodding and remembering some of my own reasons for loving this place in the middle – the photos I’ve included with this post illustrate a few of the highlights.

Family, of course!

Family, of course!

I’ve traveled many different places over the course of my life and all have one threat or another.  It’s like anything really – you have to take the bad in order to have the good and there is so much goodness here.  To be honest, I’ve only ever lived in two other states – Texas for a short time in my teens and Louisiana for a slightly longer time at the beginning of my first marriage.  Both were southern states that bore many similarities to Oklahoma – but the saying “no place like home” has always rung true for me.  As much as I love to wander, I’m always happiest right here at home (look out for the couch 🙂 ).