I’m a bit of a worrier – okay, more than a bit.  I worry over things that have happened, things that might happen, things I need to MAKE happen… but, one less thing I have to worry about now is a nice backdrop for my shop and gallery photos.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve studied a lot of different perspectives on how best to display art for online sales venues – some of the things that repeat often…

  1. Shoot in natural light – early morning or late evening.
  2. Use a tripod and the lowest possible ISO setting to get the sharpest images.
  3. Use the right white balance – most cameras allow you to balance for the light you’re using (sunshine, shade, clouds).
  4. Show how items are actually used – artwork hanging on a wall, organizational tools sitting on a table or desk, wearables on a person.
  5. And (the one that’s been plaguing me most) present an uncluttered and cohesive style for your shop, including consistent colors, lighting, backdrops, and props. As someone who loves color, there is not a single white wall in my entire house and, since everything I create is super-high color, I’ve always felt a white wall would show it off best.

I’ve been eyeing a piece of leftover beadboard in our garage for some time now and, after a quick Google search yielded a great freestanding wall design, I sweet-talked Hubby into making me one! My spanking new wall measures 3 ft. wide by 5 ft. tall and is light-weight enough that I can move it wherever I need it for the best lighting.  My plan is to use it both for hanging artwork and for things that rest on a table in front of the wall.  I can also drape a piece of fabric over it for a slightly different look – I’m thinking a white matelasse bedspread or a simple fabric pattern in white tones.


I have no doubt that there are other things I need to address, but this will finally help me start creating the clean/unified shots I’ve been pining over. Now for a marathon photo shoot!!  Watch the shop here to see how the photo transformation progresses.