At loooong last, I’m finally working my way through The Artist’s Way.  This book has become a staple in the artist community and I’ve had it on my shelf forever, but was somehow resistant to starting.  After our trip in May, my daughter was talking about doing it as a way of connecting her art with her spirituality and I was inspired to give it a try.  We’re now on week 7 and, OH, what a ride it has been!!


I’ve been inspired to explore amazing new (to me) spaces – like The Savage Quilter and the fabulous “Unbound” exhibit at Artspace @ Untitled.   I’ve investigated other ways of creating – like planting a garden and learning to Zentangle.  Most of all, I’m learning to let my art be more about play – and a little less about productivity.  It’s a difficult line to straddle when you’re in the business of selling art.  But, the funny thing is, the art I make from that place of play feels infinitely more real to me than the art I make because I think it might sell.  Certainly not a new idea, but one that isn’t always easy to hold onto.


Photos included in this post are some I credit to the work I’ve done via The Artist’s Way.