I’ve been hunkered down this summer – studying, playing, teaching.  Every time I think of coming here to tell you about all my goings-on I hesitate and the moment is lost.  BUT, here I am and so the telling begins…


Thriving garden!

It has been an intensely strange Oklahoma summer – cool temps, rain and more rain.  In many ways, it has felt like a prolonged spring and I’ve truly loved it.  I’ve walked outside nearly every morning, spent long and lovely afternoons in the shade with a book, and even planted a little garden that is thriving in spite of my brown thumb!  Is this what a New England summer feels like?  I could live with it!!


Week 7 – Life Collage

I’ve mentioned my journey through The Artist’s Way – I’m on Week 8 now and working to build my artist muscles every day!  Me and morning pages have truly clicked – I write my three pages (or more) every day, without fail.  I’m getting better and better all the time about listening to my intuition – allowing it to guide not only my creative work, but also my decisions and interactions with the world around me.  I’ve learned that Cameron’s brand of “creative recovery” is truly about choosing the lifestyle you want and living it with your whole heart.  I’m learning to let go of perfection, to mine ‘envy’ for clues to what’s missing in my life, and to let art be my connection to something higher.  There are days when I feel like I have an “easy button” – everything flows like a well-oiled machine; and I’m beginning to see that the bumpy days are usually of my own making.  All in all, progress is being made and that’s treasure enough for me.

Gelli® Bound Class Sample - Aug 3, 2013 @ My Heart's Fancy

Gelli® Bound Class Sample – Aug 3, 2013 @ My Heart’s Fancy

I had a truly inspiring teaching experience this month with another Gelli® print offering at My Heart’s Fancy.  This class was called Gelli® Bound and my students learned new ways to create Gelli® plate monoprints, which we then used to make three little journals and a box to hold them in.  If you’ve been a student in one of my classes, you may reflect that I sometimes have trouble getting my voice out to the far corners.  I’m not sure if it’s part of my creative recovery or just a delayed self-realization, but I’ve finally taken steps to correct this annoying problem – I bought a voice amplifier!  It fits on my waistband and connects with a little mike that will boost my voice a bit.  I think it will bring my classes up a notch or three and I’m very excited to use it!!  Despite any volume challenges on my end, my Gelli® Bound students did some fantastic work!  I was so busy helping and guiding that I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but here are a few to give you an idea of the gorgeousness that left this class…


More Printing

More Printing

IMG_3792 (1)

Box Construction

More box construction; these black and red prints by Linda where just striking!

More box construction; these black and red prints by Linda where just striking!

Finishing touches

Finishing touches

I also had a big birthday not too awfully long ago – a half-century kinda number, which sorta scared the you-know-what out of me!!  I don’t feel 50, but then I guess that’s one of the keys to longevity – never letting your age hold you back.  In many ways, I feel better than I have in years – healthier, both physically AND emotionally.  I think the main reason is that I’m following my own path, doing what I WANT to do a little more than what I OUGHT to do.  I’m finding it a little surreal how well everything is working out under that approach!

The last little bit of summer will have me traveling and exploring quite a bit.  Hubby and I are off to Tucson next month for another round of health and healing at Canyon Ranch!  Shortly after I get back from that, I’m headed off to the Texas hills with my good friend Mary to enjoy the debut of Lucky Star Art Camp.  Then, as soon as I get back from camp (literally – the next day), I’m going to do something I’ve dreamed of ever since I fell into mixed media art – I’m going to a Painting Experience workshop, taught by one of the co-authors of Life, Paint and Passion, Stuart Cubley.  This has been on my life list forever – I’m fascinated with the intuitive and spiritual aspects of the process and have longed to bring more of that into my work.  More to the point, I’ve longed to get out of my head and let my heart guide my work.  I have to admit that I’m nervous and a little fearful about this workshop, so I suspect it is exactly what I need to do!

So, in the immediate future, I will be store-sitting tomorrow (8/10) at My Heart’s Fancy (special store hours are 10am to 3pm).  I’m bringing my G® printing goodies to play, so if you’re in the area and want to try your hand, please stop by!