“I’m thinking that all it takes to make fantasy become a reality are two words: yes, please.”
~Maya Stein

I think the words “yes, please” sort of sum up the whole experience of Lucky Star for me.  It all started with a little email from my sweet squammie friend, Mary.  “Wanna go to this art camp in Texas with me?” and I said “yes, please.”

My very favorite kind of adventures involve road trips of the long, winding, farm-to-market backroad sort, so I drove to Dallas to pick up Mary and we traveled the rest of the way together.  I joked that I’d brought my easy-button along and it seemed to have sent a message to the universe because we felt like we could do no wrong!

2013 Lucky Star

There was the red carpet service we received at Baron’s Creekside – a mixup with Expedia that resulted in the owner providing an escort and easy upgrade to a more comfy room!


There was the journey to Enchanted Rock, which took us instead to Luckenbach, Texas, where we found live music and kittens chasing chickens and a brand spanking new bride who wasn’t even the tiniest bit concerned about getting chicken poop on her dress!


There was the sweet success of finding Waldemar, checking in and making our way over to the amazing art-collaborative-class-discussion-creative-extravaganza that neither Mary nor I remember enrolling in, but both adored!  What better jump start to a perfect week than making something beautiful with fellow creatives?!

Mail Downloads

Then, oh my heavens, the classes!!!  Juliette Crane and Corrine Gilman and Vivienne McMasters – I felt like I hit the lottery!!  Talented, generous and oh so very supportive.  I was so excited to learn Juliette’s way of building eyes and Corrine’s no-mistakes approach to art journaling.  I’d taken an online class with Vivienne once awhile ago, but Vivienne in person is the real thing and THEN SOME – her message of making yourself part of your story is one I intend to practice daily!


There were so many amazing messages – teachers who opened their toolkits and souls, speakers who shared their passions and ignited us to go after our own, deep discussions with people who saw right into my heart!  And every night, there was the lovely Mandy Rowden strumming her guitar by the fireside and teasing us all to share our voices with the night sky.  Somehow it all combined to create an incredible sense of community that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before – at least not to such a huge degree.  There was nobody better than anybody else, no exclusion, no shame – the only tears that welled for me the entire time were tears of gratitude and connection with something divine (the best kind of tears).


That easy button worked overtime this trip, let me tell you!  But, I discovered a secret – one that will give YOU an easy button too.  Next time something tickles your fancy and you think how much you’d love it, but that little voice inside says you couldn’t possibly – defy it!  Next time you are tempted to step outside your comfort zone and fears try to hold you back – push past them!  Next time you get a chance to walk around inside a loving group of like-minded women – dance!!  Dare to say “yes, please” – then jump right into the middle of the magic!