It has been a crazy busy fall around here – at times, it has felt like I was meeting myself coming back!  But one of the special treats I gave myself was a glorious trip to Vermont to visit my sweet daughter (photo below was at a lovely little tea house in Burlington). As some of you may know, she and her partner moved there this past summer and this mama has been a little heart-broken.  Trust me, I gave this girl plenty of big ole squishy hugs (and they were returned in kind)!!


We spent a night baking slightly ugly, but really yummy halloween cookies and watching our favorite halloween movie, Practical Magic, which we both agree never gets old!


We had much fun wandering around Church Street in Burlington one rainy day.  Highlights included Phoenix Books, Frog Hollow Art Gallery, the Dobra Tea House mentioned above, plus a fabulous Asian Noodle house – pls pardon the food photo, but this was some of the best sushi & sashimi OF MY LIFE!!


I wandered a little on own, stumbling upon a pumpkin patch and more beautiful fall color than I ever even imagined!  I’ve been out east a number of times, but never managed to catch “true” fall until this trip.


Oh my, it did NOT disappoint – everything people tell you about fall in New England is oh-so-true!


We finished the week with a flea market trip, which yielded a number of fun goodies and I helped the girls add another stamp to their Vermont Brewery passports.  It was the least I could do! 😉


Returned home on Wednesday and jumped into final preparations for my Monoprint Journaling class at My Heart’s Fancy, which was yesterday (10/25) and I think I will recap the class in another post (tease, tease :D) – be sure to check back tomorrow for that!


So, now that a little piece of my heart resides in New England, I expect to be visiting with some regularity! All the friendly Vermonters on the bus Wednesday morning suggested February or March – do I dare?