What happens when you mix ten creative ladies with paint, Gelli® plates and simple cardboard?!  Magic, that’s what!!


We started the morning printing – and we broke some rules, with gorgeous results…

After lunch, we started putting our folio books together; cutting up those beautiful prints and piecing together the sweet spots – THAT’s where the magic starts!


Marie’s Folio – In Progress


Janet’s Folio – In Progress

Finally, the books were done and, Oh My Gosh, I loved each and every one!!  So full of color and everyone’s unique personality, this might be my favorite project yet; tho, I think I might say that every time!


Jennifer’s Folio Cover


Teresa’s Folio Cover


Kathy’s Folio Cover


Chris’s Folio Cover

Last, we starting filling the insides and the true heart of this project is what happens inside.  Everyone had their own approach/expression, of which I’ve only captured a taste. BUT, I’ve scheduled a follow-up session for students to continue work on the insides, so maybe I’ll have more photos to share in a couple of weeks (tease, tease)…


Kathy’s Folio Content


Jennifer’s Folio Content

I truly had a blast putting this class together and sharing it with my friends at My Heart’s Fancy.  Thanks girls for sharing the day with me!!