When I first began creating, I was head-over-heals in love with scrapbook-everything… so many papers, so many rubber stamps, so MUCH fun ephemera!! I still love it all, but over the last several years, I’ve become more and more focused on creating my own imagery – printing my own papers, finding/creating unique ephemera and carving my own rubber stamp images.


Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to share my love of stamp carving with a super sweet group of ladies at My Heart’s Fancy. Becki even brought THE YUMMIEST snickerdoodles!! I have to admit, it was the first time anyone has brought goodies and I was truly touched (I ate my fair share too – so good!!).


We started the morning creating our own imagery – carving into plastic erasers and good ole Speedball “pink stuff.”


It’s sorta like eating snickerdoodles, you just can’t stop with one!!


And no two are ever alike! Even when two people carve a similar image – each hand is evident, each unique signature shines through!


After lunch, we started constructing our boxes. The box we used is the Victorian Exploding Picture Box from Retro Cafe Art and I have to take a moment to give them a huge thank you! We ordered a bit late, but they rushed it for us and got it there on time. I am forever grateful when I receive such awesome customer service!!!


We covered our boxes with paper out of the Styleboard collection from Maggie Holmes and Crate Paper (released Winter 2014 – so availability is somewhat limited, sad to say)…


… then combined handcrafted elements with more Crate Paper goodies (Kiss Kiss – 84 piece ephemera pack)


… to start building out the insides of our little exploding boxes. All are still in progress, but here is a peek of Mary’s initial design for her inside box. Isn’t it cute!?


And here’s a look at the class sample…


I had SOOOOO much fun watching these little boxes start to come together – was a total play day and that just fills me up! Also have to mention – I had originally pitched this as a Valentine gift project – something to give away – but by the time we put it all together, the ladies were less inclined to give away all that hard work! Which gives me a whole new perspective on the project – it makes my heart explode a teensy bit to think of these carefully and lovingly crafted boxes gracing their makers’ dressing table, craft studio or other personal space. I think when holidays roll around, we get focused on giving pieces of ourselves away – I like the idea of taking a day to create something lovely to give to ourselves, to show a little self love and self care. What better gift is there!?