Ever look at that stack of Gelli® prints you’ve been collecting and think, “I oughta make something with those“?

Are you like me and LOVE collecting bits and pieces?  Photos, security envelope patterns, inspiration decks, tiny treasures (and so much more).  But where to put it all!?

Love to art journal, but only have time to work in short/quick bursts?

Join me for Mixed Media Folio Fun!  In this class, we will…

  • use up those prints (and make a few more)
  • create a fun portfolio-style book
  • fill your book with pockets, pockets and MORE pockets
  • stuff those pockets with your bits, pieces and tiny treasures
  • and look at some quick/fun ways to bring it all together in a beautiful and heartfelt way



Class is open now and all content is available for you to work at your own pace. Best of all, you will have access indefinitely – no planned stop date! Just click “register now” to sign up!!