I’m on a mission to bind 100 books!  It’s highly possible that I’ve made 100 books over the course of the 7 or 8 years I’ve been making them, but I’ve never started with a #1 and counted all the way to #100 and I’ve pretty much limited myself to a handful of book forms.  I’ve decided it’s time to branch out!

Since I just finished book #20, I thought I’d better take a moment to document what I’ve done so far.  Today’s post will cover the first five and I’ll be back over the next few days to share the remainder!

1/100:  This little book is 6×6 square and filled with glassine envelopes.  I cut each envelope down to 6×6, inserted decorative paper inside envelope, then used washi tape to piece together pairs to form a folio.  The stitching on this one was my own crazy notion, based on a simple pamphlet stitch, but with the tails stitched back in to create a criss-crossing pattern.  This is the oldest one I’m including in the 100 – I did it awhile back, but it’s very special to me as it’s sort of a personal “bible” – a collection of quotes and ideas that make up my personal code of life.  It’s one I’m still working on and it may end up just being a first volume!  You can actually see more of this book here.

IMG_3768 (1)IMG_3864 (1)

2/100: This one is my current art journal.  It’s covered with one of my photos, which I printed on my Canon MG6600 printer.  When I was gluing the photo to my book board, I got glue on the front, then promptly rubbed off some of the photo in the cleanup process. 😐 I couldn’t stand the idea of throwing it away and starting again, so I just cropped and re-printed the photo in a slightly smaller size and used that to cover my boo-boo (along with a hand-written quote and some washi tape).  Came out better than I’d planned and serves as a testament to embracing accidents!  It’s a simple 4-signature, long-stitch book, finished with a button on the spine.


3/100:  This is another form I sort of made up myself – it’s 4 signatures, worked two at a time.

  • starts inside, top right, 1st signature
  • down and across to second hole in 2nd signature
  • in and up to top hole in 2nd signature
  • out and across to second hole in 1st signature
  • down and out to third hole in 1st signature
  • out and across to bottom hole in 2nd signature
  • in and up to third hole in 2nd signature
  • down and across to botton hole in 1st signature
  • knot the beginning and ending tails around the long inside stitch in signature 1.

Repeat for the other pair and that’s it!  I worried a little about having two knots in the same signature, but finally decided the spine makes up for it and, have to say, this book sold quickly when I took it to a vendor fair! Cover is monoprinted on the Gelli® plate.


4/100:  This is another 4-signature, long stitch book – the only variation is that I scalloped the edges of the cloth along the spine.  I’ve actually developed this book into online class, called Monoprint Bound – click here for more information.


5/100: This is a basic Japanese Stab Binding, which I learned from the lovely ladies with Stillwater Book Arts.  I positively ADORE this book form because it allows you to bind single sheets!  And that feather charm at the top is there to fix another goof – I missed a stitch at the end and, because I’m lazy, I just tied it off, added a new thread to fix the boo-boo and finished it off with a pretty bow.  Perfectly imperfect!!


Back soon with 6-10!