Back in April, I ran across an opportunity to take a short little class on paper marbling with artist, Kerri Shadid, this year’s artist-in-residence at the Oklahoma City Skirvin-Hilton.  It was a truly awe-inspiring experience and I came straight home and tried to duplicate what I’d learned with very mediocre results.  Just as I was beginning to despair, along came Barb Skoog’s online class, Clouds on Water!  Barb brought it all together in the most lovely way and I just soaked up every second of that learning, marbling every possible minute I could and cranking out page after page of beautiful marbled papers.  THAT is when the real fun started!  This next set of five books were all created using papers I made in Barb’s class.

26/100: This was the first of my marbled books.  I used a Bouquet-patterned paper and stitched the book up long-stitch style.  Nothing new or fancy on this one – well, except for that cover! 🙂  The book is 4.5″ x 7″ and is filled with 140lb watercolor paper.


27/100:  This was the next one and, of the two, it is most definitely my favorite!  The marbling on this one started with a Gelli® print I made using leaves from outside (if you look closely, you can see the veining of the leaves), then I over-marbled in stone using darker greens, teal and a copper color that just about put me over the moon!!  I varied my long-stitch lengths on this one and finished the header and footer with chain stitch (book is same size and content as 26/100).


28/100:  This one started with a vibrant red Flame-patterned print – oh my, those bits of teal and green peaking through really (REALLY) make me happy!  I did a paired needle coptic on this, but then added a fifth row of stitching across the center and embellished it with teal beads.  Once again, filled this one with watercolor paper (five signatures of three sheets each).


29/100:  The cover on this next book is American pattern in shades of gray, blue and teal.  I lined the inside with gray Canson Mi Tientes (just yummy) and filled it with 14 sheets of  90lb multi-media paper.  The whole thing is stitched with gray thread in a basic five-hole pamphlet.


30/100:  This last book has been a true labor of love over the last several days.  I was originally inspired by Alisa Golden’s Miniature Tied Binding in Making Handmade Books (shown here); BUT, my kitties have an irrational appetite for string and I knew that if I left this book with many dangly strings, as Alisa created it, I’d be in trouble!  So, I added beads to the strings at the header and footer and snipped them short.  I also stitched pairs of signatures together at the center, to add stability, and I added beads to those hanging strings as well.  Inside the book, each of the signatures has been sewn across the bottom, with varying stitches and shades of blue thread, then I’ve tacked each signature on the upper right side to create pockets, perfectly sized for cards or mixed media art tags, as shown. I think my favorite kind of book is the kind that tells me how it wants to be made – ideas that follow perceived “mistakes” and result in something unique and fun!   🙂

IMG_6535.jpg SoBlue IMG_6536

And that, my friends, finally catches me up!  I have no more books to show at this time – but I do have several book ideas in mind, so stay tuned.  I will be posting new books as they are completed – only 70 more to go!!!  Thank you for following along on this little series – I’d love to hear from you, if you have a jiffy to say hello!