This next set of books are all what I call “remnant books” – meaning I used leftover bits and pieces to make them.  I’m always cutting up larger pieces of blank paper to fit my books and I end up with all sorts of smaller strips.  I hated throwing those away, so started making some fun little mini-books and oddly shaped books out of them.  I also adore collecting monoprinted scraps, security envelopes and other beautiful pieces of this and that – these books are heavy on those collected bits…

6/100:  This is one of my favorite books I’ve made in awhile!  It’s patterned after the book we make in Mixed Media Folio Fun (online and open for enrollment now – click here for details!), but it’s tiny – only 2.5″ tall by 4.75″ long.  It’s filled with scraps of 90lb watercolor paper and I especially love the security envelope end papers.  This is, once again, my go-to book form – just a simple long stitch, finished with a vintage button.


7/100:  This is my first attempt at Coptic AND it’s my first attempt at paper marbling, to boot!!  I absolutely, positively adore this book and I have another boo-boo confession on this one.  See how I wrapped the fold of each signature with a scrap of security envelope?  I did that because I stitched and restitched this little coptic bunny until the holes were completely ragged.  It turned into such a happy accident, though, because the marbling had a lot of gray and the security envelopes echoed that – plus I stitched it with gray thread and, be still my heart!  I think this one will have to stay in my personal collection.


8/100:  This is another bitty book – same size as 6/100 above, but I created a little circular closure for it and I used the 4″ and 6″ round Gelli® plates to create the papers for it.  Tons of fun and, in fact, it’s a class I’m teaching at My Heart’s Fancy tomorrow, July 11 – so be sure to check back next week for more photos of the class sample and student work!!


9/100:  A few weeks ago, I ran across Mary Jo Hiney’s hand-dyed velvet candy and HAD to get me some.  This is another Coptic stitched book, got a little better at it on this one, and it totally represents my love of all things girly!  At just 4″ tall by 5.5″ long, this book is filled with five 3-sheet signatures (for a total 60 pages, front and back) – paper is 140lb watercolor (this one is available in my shop – click here for details)


10/100:  This last book is FAR from mini – it’s a full 12″ tall x 5″ wide.  It’s also not exactly a remnant but I’m including it here because it sort of breaks one of the cardinal rules of book binding – which is “always fold with the grain of the paper.” What the heck do I mean by grain of the paper?  Well, it’s the natural way the paper wants to fold.  Have you ever heard that saying, “goes against the grain?”  It came from bookbinding and the cardinal rule is never fold against the grain – OR ELSE!!  I wanted this book to be big and tall, but I didn’t have the right paper and was determined to use what I had on hand so I decided to use a 12×14 pad and fold against the grain.  One of the biggest problems with that is the paper (especially the 140lb watercolor paper I used) tends to break along the fold – to get around that, I just pulled out my scoring board and scored the paper where I wanted it to fold.  This paper doesn’t really like to fold that way, so the pages tend to fan open – I fixed that by making a cute little book strap to wrap around and keep that baby closed.  I also run the risk of this paper warping along the spine at some point, but I’m theorizing that it won’t because it’s a nice heavy duty paper.  Time will tell!  Here’s hoping no traditional bookbinders throw stones at me for this one! 😉


And, that’s it for this round.  I’ll be back next week with 11-15 and a recap of my Saturday class.  Until then, have a great weekend!!