I took a few days off from book making to do some clearing and organizing in the studio. I am a pretty devoted packrat and find that a good purge every 6 months or so does me a whole lot of good. It not only clears the clutter but it somehow clears my head too! This time around, I’m being somewhat guided by the book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Condo. I won’t profess to have read the whole book, but I did grab one major tenet, which is “keep only what you truly love” – along with its partner, bring in only what you truly love. I think this might really BE life-changing if I can keep it up!

In any event, you probably want to see Book 32!


This might not necessarily be what you’d think of as a “book,” but I’ve been thinking a lot about non-traditional book forms as a way of highlighting a body of words – like a poem.


I considered an accordion book, but the folds seemed like interruptions to me, which can problematic with a poem, so I thought, “what if I just left it long and scrolled it around something?!”


I found a thread spool book on Pinterest (a simply gorgeous piece by French paper artist, Diane de Bournazel) and the idea started to take form.


In my cleaning/clearing, I had unearthed many bits and pieces of Gelli® print scraps – thin strips, tiny squares, pieces I’d cut out and not used.


Separately, none of it seemed worth keeping, but then I started thinking about piecing them together. Some cutting, piecing, glueing, taping, sewing and poetry-inscribing later and she was finished! Here’s the little poem, which says a bit about who I am in the world.

“when she grew up,
she wanted to be a melody;
a catchy little ditty constructed
of cedar and strings,
with a touch of birdsong and whispering trees.

the words would be less important
than the rhythm
and meaning
and the potential for dancing.

it would be short and sweet and easy to remember
and when people loved her,
they would be compelled to hum along,
maybe even add harmonies that would carry on the wind.

she would never be an anthem;
it’s just not her way.
she’d be more of a gentle ballad;
one that reminds you just a little
of where you came from,
who you first loved,
what you dream of,
why you are the way you are.”

My organizing continues – tho sort of half-heartedly, as I am now sorely TIRED of cleaning & organizing! 🙂 But I do have a couple of organizing ideas to share in a future post, so hope you’ll stay tuned for that!