Instead of cleaning up after Family Art Day this past weekend, I took advantage of having all the marbling goodies out and threw stones all afternoon!


The tanks were a bit sludgy after Saturday’s activity and didn’t really want to play with any of the more intricate patterns, but they sure did like stones and I got a number of pieces that I am particularly in love with!


This one found its way into book 39/100!  It’s a two signature book, bound in another of Keith Smith’s forms from 1-2 & 3 Section Sewings, called Pinking Sheers. I filled it with a really sweet Fabriano Watercolor paper I picked up a few weeks ago and the end papers are another bit of that bright turquoise Canson Mi Tientes I’ve been using all summer, so this book is just luscious!


I also got a chance to do a little experimenting in the marbling tank and loved this last piece so much I had to mount it on a cradle board…


It reminds me of an alien landscape and has me thinking about exploring a whole series of them. Hubby and I are off on Friday for our annual health sojourn in the dessert, so it’ll have to wait til I get back, but I suspect these landscapes might find their way into my dreams while I’m gone.