I’ve been debating whether to include this round of books. The first one undoubtedly counts – it’s a definite one-of-a-kind and was made while visiting my kiddo in Vermont earlier this month, so extra special! The others were made for the Lucky Star craft fair (coming up VERY soon now), so they’re all the same and were basically cranked out assembly style. After much inner debate, I finally decided – I made them, they count! Thus, I’m now at 52 books completed!! Seems like there should be some sort of fanfare, right?


Before I dive into the books, I have to say just a few words about fall in Vermont. Oh my heavens, it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in the south – COLD, cold nights (like winter for this Okie!) and all that gorgeous color!! Meg had all sorts of fun things planned for me – one of the highlights being the day we spent at the Shelburne. This amazing place is filled (to the brim) with the eclectic collections of Electra Havemeyer Webb. She was passionate about art, artifacts and even architecture and the museum is just breathtaking. With over 150,000 pieces, spanning 35 buildings and 8 acres, it’s certainly the largest museum I’ve ever visited! Some of our favorite exhibits included the steamship Ticonderoga – which you can board and explore and imagine to your hearts content…


Then there was the circus collection – full of carousel animals and the most amazing miniature circus parade (which I must’ve been too awestruck to photograph 😐 ). The piece below did manage to get into my photo files, thankfully. It was hand-carved by Edgar Kirk with just a treadle jigsaw and penknife. It took him over 40 years to complete and it includes over 3500 pieces – every one unique, best we could tell…


Lastly, the print shop – set up just like an old-time print shop and fully functional. The print-master, Russell was a wealth of information and I got to bring home one of those lovely letterpress alphabets you see on the wall there (Meg got a Ticonderoga poster, which was also extremely cool).


On to the books!! – 44/100 is a variation of the Triple Dash pattern I shared last post. I didn’t have my trusty Keith Smith guide with me, so we “winged it” with the stitching and I must say I really like how it came out. I’m calling this one the “Book on a Budget” because Meg didn’t really have traditional bookbinding tools/materials and some things are hard to find locally. What we did end up buying cost us just over $25 and she now has some basic tools! We ended up improvising a lot and had an awfully good time in the process. The covers were made from watercolor paper – mine (on your right) started with just random watercolor shapes, which I then cut them out and glued/sewed to a larger sheet with washes on it. I LOOOOOOOVE how it came out. Meg’s was made the same way, with the addition of some doodling, which really took it up a notch. Love hers too! Both are filled with drawing paper and I even trimmed the edges – with a craft knife, ya’ll – and it’s actually not too wonky. 🙂


Books 45-52/100 – You may remember these from a Family Art Day last month. I loved them so much, I decided to make a few for the Lucky Star market. I’m really digging how cute they look in that little wire basket!


I’m going to be hibernating a bit over the next few weeks, but will try to pop in either here or over on Facebook to keep you posted. I say “hibernating” – really, I’m adventure bound! Off to Lucky Star NEXT WEEK!!! Then I’m going to be head-down working to prep for The Indie Trunk Show at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds on December 5. I sort of applied on a whim and was so excited to be accepted – another grand adventure begins!!