I am one POOPED puppy over here!  It’s been pretty much non-stop since about August – first getting ready for Lucky Star, then for Thanksgiving and a fun visit by my kiddo, followed immediately by prep for the Indie Trunk Show (which is this coming Saturday 12/5 – come see me if you’re local!).  It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve made so MANY fun things – let’s start with the books…

Books 53-54/100 are both 3-signature paperback book forms; the bottom one is Keith Smith’s Staggered Diagonals and the top one is his Triple Dash. These feature marbled covers (my current obsession), mixed media paper and pretty Canson Mi Tientes end papers (aka “underwear” 😉 ).


Books 55-56/100:  Bottom one is another 3-signature paperback Staggered Diagonals.  Top one is hardcover, long-stitched with a chainstitch header/footer – this one also has a gorgeous plum-colored elastic wrap to keep it all contained (and two! pockets).


Books 57-61 are little accordion books, tho these have a slightly different closure than the original ones (shown here).  I wasn’t really happy about having to re-tie mine every time I pulled it out to brag, so I added a button to wrap the tie around.  MUCH better!


Books 62-66 are the fruits of some of my labors while my daughter was visiting.  I HAD to show her marbling and, in the process of having some fun, was able to get a whole mess of new covers ready.  This is the first batch!  Nothing really new here – I’m keeping it simple!


Books 67-70/100 is the last batch for a bit (due to me being a POOPED PUPPY).  Again, nothing new, but I am a little excited about those Boulders on the map paper (back left).  The paper is part of a big batch of aeronautical maps I found at an antique store several years ago.  I’ve almost thrown them out a dozen times, but kept thinking they’d find their purpose eventually.  Yep, I think they have!


Whew!  That’s a lot of books.  I, of course, love every single one and would like nothing better than to keep them ALL but, alas, they are all going with me this Saturday to the Indie Trunk Show!  I’m super excited about this venue – over 200 makers of all different sorts, just a mere 20 days before Christmas.  It’s bound to be festive and I’m doing my part with a few Christmasy goodies!

There are ornaments and garland…


and Christmas ephemera bags…


plus some new pen/tool rolls, which I’ve redesigned with a flap that folds over the top of the tools so they don’t fall out (I need to make one for ME)…


and new jewelry (with new packaging that I hope highlights it much better)…

IMG_1053 (1)

and a whole bunch of other good stuff that I will have up in my shop as soon as possible after Saturday (well, assuming I don’t SELL it all)!

Happy weekend!!