My beautiful studio is a complete wreck right now, so I guess I have to say it is officially broken in! It’s all for good reason though because there is lots of good stuff cooking these days.  Before I jump into some of those details, I want to point out a new page I’ve added to – blank book ideas. I run into so many people who resist the idea of buying a handmade blank book because they can’t picture what they would use it for. On this new page, I’ve gathered a ton of ideas from my own experience and from some of my customers for a wide variety of ways to use blank books.  I hope you’ll check it out and, if you have additional ideas, please leave me a comment.  I suspect this page will be an evolving one!


My friends with the Stillwater Book Arts group invited me up this past Monday to give a paper marbling lesson.


The girls brought all sorts of found papers to play with and there were some wonderful discoveries – deli paper marbled beautifully, as did recycled tea bags.


Plus, we made time for some free-style fun and there was no holding back!  I had a fantastic time and I think I can safely say that the historic division between book binders and paper marblers has been finally and firmly been dissolved!

While I was in Stillwater, I was able to finalize a formal class at the Multi Arts Center on April 23-24!  This class will span 2 four hour days – first half will be an introduction to paper marbling; then on the second day, we’ll make a soft cover book with our favorite print. I’m not actually seeing it on their schedule right now so it may be full, but if you’re local to Stillwater and interested, please contact the Multi Arts Center directly to see if you can still enroll.

Also, if you’re closer to Oklahoma City, not to worry! I’m working with Maura of My Heart’s Fancy to schedule another round, likely in mid May.  I will let you know as soon as we iron out the details and set a date.


On May 14, I’ll be returning to the Indie Trunk Show.  I’ve been a busy bee, working on a little rebranding, lots of new books and some brand spanky new products! Can’t wait and hope you’ll come see me if you’re local.  The show is going to be in the Cox Pavillion this time, so should be much easier to get to everyone!


In November, I’m going back to teach at Lucky Star!!  I’m so incredibly honored to be invited back and cannot WAIT for classes to come out so I can talk about what I’m offering! It’s going to be good – promise!!  And there are lots of other incredible teachers coming too.  You can check out the teacher list and find out everything you need to know about camp at

Lots of adventure and growing/stretching in the works for me this year – hope you’ll join me somewhere along the way!