A few weeks ago, I returned from a crazy, amazing, life-altering trip to Bali. It broke me open in many ways and made me step back and look at my life from a very different perspective.

I tend to be someone who circles a lot… learning lessons, forgetting them, relearning them (over and over). One of the things that I realized in Bali was that I have, once again, let sacred slide. It’s an idea I’ve revisited MANY times in my life – a desire to create space for something quiet, sincere and maybe a little bit divine. Like having a meditation practice or lighting a candle to start each day or just tending lovingly to a plant (which, believe me, isn’t as easy for me as it might be for some).


One of the things that stood out for me most about Bali was its religious practice. It’s truly something that seems to unite the entire country. There are ornamented temples on every corner (and many in between), deities draped in plaid and marigolds at the center of most major traffic intersections, huge and massively-attended celebrations (like the kite festival our first weekend in Bali – photo above is one of the teams praying before they flew).

And there are daily offerings – on every doorstep, in front of or inside every business, tied to their motorbikes, layered in stacks on altars in front of those many temples. These offerings are made daily and almost always by women. They range from simple bits of the natural world to elaborately cut, shaped and curated offerings of deep personal significance. They’re always made with a prayer – for wisdom, protection and the chance for happiness and success; but also as an expression of gratitude and respect for those who’ve passed before.

It was beautiful and something I wanted to bring to my life back home. Maybe not daily, but with some level of regularity, I wanted to create these expressions of gratitude and grace. I started to curate what I’m calling #littleofferingseverywhere. Some of my favorites have been a tiny collection of things found on my back porch… leaves, a feather and a cicada’s wing…


a tiny dish filled with other tiny things – chrysanthemum petals, shells from Bali, a piece of cinnamon and a tiny feather…


the sweetness of my cat’s paws resting on my arm…


They’re just small expressions – made with what’s in front of me at the time, purely from a place of gratitude for what I have, respect for the world around me, and the breath of a moment that feels divine.

Are you coming to Lucky Star 2016 next week? If so, meet me in the Pavilion at 8:30pm on Thursday (11/3) for a chance to share in this practice Lucky Star style!!