Big Personal Challenge #2 came Thursday night – the second time in my life to hold a microphone!


Lisa contacted me while I was still in Bali to say how much she was loving my photos of the offerings I was finding everyplace. She had an idea about doing something similar at Lucky Star and I was immediately on board!


Over the weeks that followed, Lisa and I started brainstorming about how we might execute a “personal offerings” project at Lucky Star. We knew we wanted to keep them fairly natural and landed on corn husks, marigolds, natural materials found around Waldemar, fabric scraps and paper tags.


Some of the key elements of Balinese offerings are…

  • wisdom – which equates to fire
  • protection – which equates to water
  • destruction – which equates to earth


Some interesting parallels can be drawn between these elements and our experience at camp…

  • fire is often associated with passion, creativity and learning
  • water is about learning to navigate obstacles
  • destruction goes hand in hand with new beginnings and rebirth


These are the very things that bring us to retreats like Lucky Star – to express our passion for creating and learning new things, to find ways of managing the inner critic that so often stands in our way and to learn to look at the world with beginner’s eyes.


For the Balinese, daily offerings are made as an expression of devotion, a meditation/prayer, a gift for the maker, a sort of supplication to lower spirits who might otherwise make mischief and an invitation for goodness and protection. Their offerings always include a “poroson” or ignitor, without which the offering becomes purely decorative.


For our project, we invited campers to “ignite” their offerings with wishes for the world – at large, at camp, in their cabins, in their families, even for themselves.


As terrified as I was to speak in front of everyone, it went so easily! Everyone was super excited, asking questions, eagerly jumping into the supplies Lisa and I had provided, talking to me afterward to express their excitement for the project or share their own Bali stories. I was moved just by that! Then the offerings started to pop up everywhere! 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone who participated. I know I didn’t capture photos of all of them, but I could feel the love in the air and I’m so very grateful to you all. ♥


As I write this post, the election has finally ended. I won’t express a political opinion here, but I will say I think we’ve been through a lot this year & a little love for the world wouldn’t hurt right now! Care to join me and my fellow campers? Make your offering to the world in whatever way fills your heart and post your photos to Instagram with the tag #littleofferingseverywhere.


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