Prayers on the Wind was up on Friday – once again to a full room of 10 ladies! This class is very dear to my heart. I adore the lore behind prayer flags, most especially the idea of them bringing good will, not only to the person who hangs them, but also to the surrounding community. I’m a huge proponent of spreading love in the world through anonymous art – is there any more anonymous way to spread love than to hang a set of hand-crafted prayer flags?!


We started the day by looking at the elements of Tibetan prayer flags, then we ran with it! Some flags related to nature…


Some flags were about gratitude & living a peace-full life…


Others seemed to be about balancing what’s important in our lives…


It was a class that truly exceeded my expectations – each set was extremely detailed, deeply personal and just beautiful!


I loved showing the ladies some basic print-making techniques, using the Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate, then watching them interpret those in their own way. We used natural materials, we made our own stencils, we interpreted commercial stencils in brilliant ways I never would’ve thought of… it was inspiring beyond words.


And I haven’t met an artist yet that didn’t love a good stash of goodies!!!


I have to say there was a certain energy at camp this year that was unlike any other year… something contemplative and deep, the hugs were unguarded and spontaneously given and there was a spiritual element that transcended politics or religion to be something more like deep & true connection with a higher power and with each other. This class may have contributed to that energy or maybe it just soaked it up – either way, it was beautiful to behold.