The first full day of Lucky Star 2016 was my Marbling Magic class. We were in Depot this year and I loved it – there was a great front porch with posts to hang lines on, big doors on both sides to let the breeze flow thru and plenty of room for 12 students to spread out and marble their little Lucky Star hearts out!


I have to say that Marbling is one of my favorite classes to teach. People get so excited when they see that first demo, they practically RUN back to their tank to get started!


Then they start making the magic happen themselves!! The room fills with oohs and aahs, students admire each other’s work, they gleam and occasionally giggle when something particularly magical comes off the tank.


I would swear there was a beam of light shining out the top of Depot by the end of that day! I know there was one shining out the top of my head the rest of that evening!! 😉

Our fearless leader, Lisa, even got in on the action – with sweet Penny looking on…


I think we all would’ve appreciated a little actual sunshine, but our tanks adored the gray, humid day and there was MUCH success. I think there are 12 ladies headed out into the world to marble their hearts out!!