The last full day, Saturday, of Lucky Star is always a bit emotional for me – final classes, handing in our name tags, the big Girl Guitar performance, Show & Tell and vendor night! My final class was a new offering for me, Make the Book You Wish You Could Buy. It was a VERY customizable bookbinding project with options for paper, pockets, cover flaps, elastic wraps and MORE. We went little over-time, but it was a smaller group and everyone was super patient! They made absolutely beautiful books and I think (I hope) they will fill them to the last page with dreams, memories and all other manner of goodness.

Show & Tell night always begins with Mandy Rowden’s Girl Guitar class performance. This is always a highlight for me as I cannot fathom how she manages to teach everyone to play guitar and perform so expertly all in one half day session!! Mandy is truly a gifted teacher and performer – definitely check her out at (plus, she has a new album out that you DO NOT want to miss).


Then Lisa opens the mike for anyone who wants to stand up and relate their camp experience, talk about or show something they made, brag on a teacher or student… I had the distinct pleasure of being proclaimed “awesomesauce” by sweet Athea, pictured with me above, plus several displays of student work on the Show & Tell tables. I cannot imagine better compliments.


Then the vending begins!! I had lots of new books and other goodies that just seemed to fly off the table + there were TONS of hugs and sweet words offered about my classes and my work. I was truly on cloud nine by the end of the evening. Thank you SO much to everyone who stopped by to shop or say hello – love you all dearly!


And that brings us to Sunday. 🙁 Sunday always brings on a very serious condition, known around camp as last-day-itis – symptoms include tears, deep/long hugs, promises to keep in touch, group photos (which I seem to not be able to access on the new Facebook Memories app – gotta figure that out!!!) and final words. I never seem to take any people photos on this day – I forget, I think, because I’m just trying to soak it all in so I can save the feelings and connections in my pocket til next year.


I do always love to take a final photo walk around camp. This year, the mist and rain felt somehow fitting – like finally washing clean the muck I’d arrived with and cementing the new outlook I’d gained over the course of camp – connected, inspired, ideas flowing, eager to get home and jump in!!


I really got a sense this year of people looking for meaning, connection, even a bit of spirituality and I’m seriously pondering how I might gently and mindfully bring a little more of that feeling to what I’m doing in the world. The last several days, I’ve seen so much emotion floating around the internet – tearful, at times angry, even a little hopeless. I have to believe that I can help to turn that around by continuing on this path of doing what I love, learning more about what that looks like, practicing kindness at every opportunity, shining in every possible way I can – along with my Lucky Star sisters. You just can’t believe how brightly they all shine until you come and experience it for yourself. See you next year?!