The Restyle:

Are you a re-arranger?  I think I probably have it in my genes because I’ve always loved nothing better than to move things around – this piece of furniture over there, that piece of artwork in another room, this entire web site completely turned upside down and sideways!! Somehow, everything seems new again when you move it about a little. I’d been seeing sites over the last year or so that just made me drool – clean lines, scrolling images, personal touches that my site lacked.  It was a little terrifying, but turned out easier than I hoped (one of the things I love about WordPress). All that to say, One January Day has a NEW look! Hope you’re finding your way around okay and not bumping your knees on the coffee table or anything like that.

The 100 Books Finish Line:

As I worked my way through updates, I realized I never finished the story of my 100 Books Journey. It is, in fact, complete and here’s the recap…

February 2016 – Books 71-75/100

My favorite of the books above is the one with Daffodils on the cover – this one was bound with wire coils and was a project I did with the Stillwater Book Arts girls – click here to flip through the inside. The other four are all marbled paperbacks, stitched with diagonal variations from Keith Smith’s 1, 2 & 3 Section Sewings.

March 2016 – Books 76-81/100

The highlight of the above batch would have to be the one peeking in on the upper left.  It’s a hardback, covered in an Italian Vein over-marble on a vintage aeronautical map.  I went on to turn this short/wide book (#81) into the new address book shown below (hardback, Bundled Long-Stitch)…

April 2016 – Books 82-87 (click each photo below to view larger)

May 2016 – Books 88-94

Clockwise from top-right – paperback-Triple Dash, paperback Aeros, paperback Staggered Diagonals, paperback Crossed Long-Stitch, paperback Multiple Figure 8 and the last two on the left are both hardbacks, stitched in a Bundled Long-Stitch, with chained headers/footers.

May 2016 – Books 95-99 (click each photo below to view larger)

May 2016 – Finally, last but NOT least – Book 100/100!!!!

This one is a hardback, stitched in a Crossed Long-Stitch pattern.  The cover features a marbled piece I almost threw away!  Decided to chance it on book #100 and couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out!  Love the variation between the front and back, while still being all of one piece. I stitched this one while at the Indie Trunk Show in May 2016 and it sold to a dear friend that very day.

PHEW!!  What a journey, right!?  When I started this, way back in July of 2015, it seemed like an insurmountable goal that I never imagined I’d complete at ALL, much less in less than a year!  I learned so much along the way and, though there’s always more to learn, I feel I gained a level of comfort with the process of bookbinding. I sure gave Keith Smith’s 1, 2 & 3 Section Sewings a run for its money!!

I’m thinking it might be about time for another 100 project – I’ll keep you posted on what that turns out to be!