What happens when you mix six creative women, yummy food, and a truly awe-inspiring form of art? Magic!!!

I had every teacher’s dream for today’s One January Day @Home kickoff class…

Part 1 – an energetic group of women who have tried many different art forms but were new to marbling (and excited to jump in).

Part 2 – women who were excited to learn the traditional ways and utterly unafraid of turning tradition on its ear to make their OWN ways, with some gorgeous results!!

Part 3 – lots of fun materials to play with – we marbled paper, fabric, wood and flower pots! I can’t wait to see something green and growing in those pots.

And to top it all off, there was some yummy food (I have that on the excellent authority of six happy new marblers 😉).

My excessive use of apostrophes aside, today was the best kind of day. I never fail to learn new things watching students adapt to tools and processes and I never tire of seeing people come alive when that first (or 14th!) print peels off the tank. I’m so very grateful to this inaugural group for helping me see that this “crazy” @Home idea just might work. Thank you, girls!!