The Next 100!

The Next 100!

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”
~Malcom Gladwell

One of my favorite teachers, Judy Wise, often says an artist needs to complete 100 paintings before she gets to the good stuff.  I think this is true of any art form and I definitely feel it was true for my 100 Books Journey!

While my love of book binding is FAR from over, lately my heart has been focused on Marbling. It all started two years ago with a 2 hour intro workshop that led to many more hours of learning and practicing and turned into a passion I just can’t get enough of.

When I went up to Connecticut last spring to learn from marbling masters, Dan & Regina St. John, I fell madly in love with pattern variations. Since then I’ve spent hours and hours trying to recreate patterns I’ve found in books and YouTube videos.

And I hatched a crazy idea – what if I tried to find and recreate 100 Marbling patterns?! It’s a pretty ambitious goal and one I may not even be able to complete. It’s not that there aren’t enough patterns floating around in the marbling world – the problem is that many don’t seem to be written down anywhere.  They’ve been created and perfected by masters and passed along apprentice-style, from master to student over time.

I’ve started a pin board for inspiration and plan to begin with the easy stuff – the patterns I’ve been taught to date or can find in books. At the same time, I’m going to start tackling some of those unknown/undocumented patterns. Maybe I can figure some of them out?! Maybe I’ll have to challenge myself and reach out to a few masters for help. Either way, it’s bound to be an adventure!


  1. Now I know why I never get to the good stuff! I do five or six, then I’m off to try something else. Guess I need to set up my own challenge.

    1. Kelley Walker

      I have a really short attention span with some things! But I can never get enough of Books and Marbling. <3

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