Next up in my summer curiosity project – Christmas in July! I had a Family Art Day way back in January and ended up with a happy little all-season wreath for my front door. I’d been wanting to make another one for Christmas and finally spent a hot July day listening to Christmas carols and crafting the sweet wreath shown above!

This project started with a simple 12″ grapevine wreath, to which I added a few felt flowers and lots of handmade pom-poms…

Mixed in are a few other Christmassy goodies from the hobby store (ornaments, bells and snowflakes). My store always starts putting Christmas out in July, so it’s a perfect time for a project like this!

I also added some hand-made stem-type pieces using twigs from my yard (with pom-poms and felt leaves I die-cut on my Sizzix Vagabond) and pipe cleaners (curled by wrapping around a pencil).

A couple of notes about pom-poms…

  • There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest for making your own pom-pom makers. I’ve tried many of them and feel I have the best luck with the commercial pom-pom looms. I’ve used the Clover brand and found them to be a little flimsy – they tend to come apart when you take the pom-pom off. It’s easy enough to put back together, but I recently got a different set on Amazon (made by Knewmart), that’s a little cheaper and seems more sturdy.
  • A lot of people tell me they have trouble with their pom-poms falling apart over time. I’ve found that yarn tends to stretch, so a pom-pom tied with the same yarn it was made from is likely to fail. I’ve had better luck tying them with twine or waxed linen thread.
  • The pom-poms I like best are made with softer yarns – they seem to fluff up best. I tend to like the yarns designed for baby projects, though colors are often limited to pastels.

A final note – this is a class I will be teaching at Lucky Star Art Camp in November! I’m super excited about this one as it can be interpreted and customized to your heart’s desire – I adore seeing that unfold in a class setting. You can read the full class description for this class (and two others) on the Lucky Star web site at… Hope to see you there!!!