Book Sculpture

Book Sculpture

In late July, I had the opportunity to attend a class with Kelly Campbell-Berry at [Artspace] at Untitled. Kelly is a book sculptor who does amazing work with illustrated books, graphic novels and comic books. For class, she let us choose from several options (Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter). I fell in love with “Where the Wild Things Are”…

After class that evening, I started combing my book shelves for another illustration I could sculpt and ended up with something from Katie Daisy’s book, How to be a Wildflower. I loved the idea of making the house and clothes line dimensional, imagining, like with the forest above, creating a feeling of looking into the house…

My sculpture started with an old cigar box from my stash. I used other illustrations from the book to cover the sides, the full page images for the first layer, then started cutting out and layering the feature images. I knew I wanted it to feel like the house and clothes on the line had depth and dimension, I also wanted the flowers sticking out of the windows to seem more dimensional. I think I probably could have done more layers, but by the time I reached this point, I had firmly decided that the fussy cutting required for this process is not something I want to do much more of.

That’s the joy of experimenting, though, figuring out what works and doesn’t work. I love the dimensionality of this, love the idea of creating a miniature world that you could imagine stepping into and I also adore the idea of honoring favorite books in this way.

Be sure to check out Kelly Campbell-Berry’s work – I believe she’s planning more classes at Untitled, so you might sign up for their newsletter if you’re local and interested in learning.


    1. Kelley Walker

      It was fun! That Sandra Brownlee workshop you went to a couple of weeks ago looked amazing too! Hope I can catch her sometime!!

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