Another way I love to use printed books (illustrated or otherwise) is for altered book journals. I think maybe it’s the fact that every page already has something on it – so my blank page fears are soothed. It could also be my rebellious spirit popping out to rip, glue, paint or otherwise destroy a book’s original format. Either way, some of my favorite journaling has happened in altered books and I’ve been having fun with one of those during my summer break.

Photos above (plus one more below) are a few of my favorite pages so far – all of these involve acrylic paint, stencils magazine images, purchased collage sheets (“peace” in first photo is by Karen Michel) and other found/handmade ephemera. The book I used is Life: Selected Quotations” by Paulo Cuelo, with illustrations by Anne Kristin Hagesaether. It’s a wonderful size to work in and hold in my hands and the photos and words provide inspiration and, occasionally, a fun jumping off point.

For just a little bit more fun, I’ve embedded a few examples of other (much more elaborate) book-based artwork. Look for more on my Book Art Pinterest board!

Book Installation Detail