Pocket Book

Pocket Book

This summer I decided to take a break from the work I “need” to do and focus some time on the work I “want” to do. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing where my summer curiosity project has led me! For today’s Summer Break project, we’re looking at a fun little book I’m calling a “Pocket Book.”

After my June Marbling class, I had a funny little piece I’d created by throwing paint and intentionally letting it sit overnight before printing. I love it but wasn’t sure it would fit with my other shop pieces, so I decided to make it into a single-paper zine-style book like in the diagram below (from “How to Make Books” by Esther K. Smith)…

I changed my finished book in a number of ways, including trimming the pages to mimic some of the marbling lines, sewing up side or bottom openings to form pockets, adding a cover and finally making a variety of tags to fit inside the pockets. You can see a flip-through of the whole shebang in the video below…

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