Have you seen Michaels’ Boho Christmas collection? Or Hobby Lobby’s Sugarplum Vintage? I’ve gone a little nuts with both and am sharing a little tour in this post…

I think I’ve tended to be a bit bohemian in my decorating style for awhile now, which is just to say my style deviates a bit (or a lot??) from conventional style. I also love and adore the idea of all things old becoming new again and I have liberally applied boho AND vintage to my Christmas decorating this year!

First, I was inspired by this Antlers wall sign from Michael’s…

to grab their white-washed deer plaque…

and flower it up, using gorgeous wool-blend felt from Benzie Design and lots of felt flower inspiration that you can find on my Felt+Yarn board on Pinterest. Here’s the end result…

On my mantle, I combined some of my glittery goodness from Christmases past with a few pieces from Michael’s (the cream-colored pom-pom garland and the beaded garland) and Hobby Lobby (the ball garland + the teal and green glass finials + the sparkly silver trees). It’s a bit eclectic (aka “all over the place”) and I love it!

With the garlands, though, our stockings didn’t really fit on the mantle PLUS I was inspired by Michaels Boho Stockings to start fresh! I started with very plain stockings from a variety of sources…

and glammed them up with felt, trims, bells, pom-poms, ornaments and more (photos below are arranged same as above for comparison). These are all now hanging on my china hutch.

  1. For stocking #1, I removed the ugly button and covered the burlap and brown suede strip (ugh!!) at the top with off-white felt, then added lace, trims, pom-poms and a bell.
  2. For the center one, I just added a fluffy, white pom-pom and sparkly ornaments, which I strung on coordinating ribbon, with a few pony beads for fun, then finished it with bells on a glittery piece of yarn from my stash.
  3. On the last one, I replaced the plain ole boring button and ribbon, then added trims, bells & pom-poms.

Everything was added with hot glue, took very little time and was fairly inexpensive – I had the trims and yarn for the poms in my stash and the stockings were mostly half off at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

This next one is still somewhat in progress, as I’m planning (hoping) to add more to it. I grabbed a small white tree at Hobby Lobby and added felt ball garland (also from Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook supplies), more trims, pom-poms, felt flowers, gods eyes, and LIGHTS! I’m calling this a “studio tree” for now because I can’t bear to part with it, but it’s likely to end up in the guest room as my kiddo is coming home for Christmas in a few short weeks!!!

My family tree for the last many years has been a small (~3ft) tinsel tree that I put on top of the china hutch (on account of two kitties who would love nothing more than to shred the tree). This year, I added some gorgeous sea green ball garland (from Hobby Lobby) and the rest is pretty much standard fair. The ornaments have been collected at antique shops over the years and are deliciously faded and pastel. I do want to share that you can achieve a faded/vintage look with your newer glass ornaments by simply using a little nail polish to remove some of the color (there’s a little drum-shaped ornament just over pixie’s head that was done this way).

Last, this little vignette on my television cabinet started with the shadow boxes (the one on the left made two years ago in a class and the one on the right designed & made by me last year). I added the bottle brush tree another of the sparkly silver tree sets and the Merry Christmas sign (all from Hobby Lobby). I may have to make another shadow box this year, time permitting – watch my Tiny Boxes pinboard for what’s inspiring me.

I’ll admit my collection has become a huge mix of traditional, vintage and boho, but it somehow seems to work. I’ve always said – if I love it, it will work and maybe my decorating style is starting to prove that theory. It’s certainly unconventional and I see it evolving even more in years to come, continuing to shift from traditional red/green to pink, teal and who-knows-what. I think retailers are starting to get on board with the idea that people have widely ranging tastes and are starting to deliver styles to suit that. I hope this trend endures for awhile – I’m thinking all colors can be Christmassy with a little love, glitter and magic!

Just a final note – I’ve published my Spring 2018 @Home schedule! If you are interested in learning to make the felt flowers I’ve shown above, I have a class coming up on that. I also have a couple of marbling classes and a lovely shabby/vintage dream catcher. You can see it all and sign-up right here (be sure to use the arrows on the sides to page through all four classes)!