one january day


In January of 2012, I retired following a 30-year career with a Fortune 500 Telecom company. Our nest had emptied not long before and my creativity quickly became a lifeline. Having grown up under the patient wing of a creative grandmother, it was a natural transition.  She taught me from an early age to appreciate hand-stitched, homegrown and made-from-scratch. Those values never left me – I was always happiest in the corporate world when I was somehow connecting to those roots – stitching ideas, cultivating skills, building from scratch.

The month of January is often looked upon as a time of new beginnings – a time when we can reflect on the past and resolve to start again with a new perspective and a brighter outlook. This idea of new beginnings was one of my clearest intentions with my retirement. I needed that fresh start, a chance to look at everything with beginner’s eyes, seek to learn and experience new people, places & things, and hold what I know up to the light to see what it might tell me and how it might inform the ways I interact with the world around me. As I began to think about building a creative business, these things fit perfectly with how I wanted that business to look and One January Day was born.

I always say I’m a problem solver at heart – I like figuring out solutions to the problems and organizational or lifestyle needs that present themselves. I LOVE delivering a problem-solving product that’s bright and fun and sure to inspire other creative souls!  I love beautiful papers and fabrics and especially love transforming my own hand-printed materials into new and innovative artwork, blank books, home décor and lifestyle solutions.

In my classes, I hold nothing back – what I know, I teach. My students are often encouraged to embrace the “happy accident” – I adore those little flaws that reflect the hand behind the work and I get truly excited about helping students transform “accidents” into “opportunities” that invariably make the work better, richer, more authentic.

My goal remains to always see life with new eyes, jump at every chance to learn something new and always seek to understand and express a bit about who I am through the process of making, teaching and seeing other hearts come alive through that practice of creative expression.

I am a full-time artist and teacher, working from my home in central Oklahoma. When I’m not in the studio, you will likely find me walking along a wooded trail, creating a gathering of some sort, traveling to some new and exotic place, or happily working my way through a stack of books. I’m grateful you’ve joined me for the journey!