Here’s a quick photo of the puzzle piece I teased about yesterday… I started by putting the puzzle together and mod-podging the back to hold the pieces in place.  I’ll admit, I rejected one finished frame after mod-podging the front – it just muted the colors too much for me, so I’d recommend just doing the back.  I managed this by finding two pieces of heavy paper larger than my puzzle – slipped one under the finished puzzle and laid the other on top, then was able to flip the whole “sandwich” and mod-podge the back. I found the frame at my local Michaels andRead More →

I’m a seeker – someone who is always on the search for answers and solutions; particularly those that might give me a clue as to what I’m “meant to do” with my one wild and precious life.  Up until just a few years ago, I had spent an inordinate amount of time trying to fix all the things I thought were wrong with me.  Then one day, I woke up and wondered, “what if there’s nothing wrong with me – what if how I am is exactly how I was meant to be?”  It creates an interesting platform to launch from… maybe being an introvertRead More →

I’ve been working on a challenge for my art group this week and finally wrapped it up today.  Can’t show the finished piece until after the swap Thursday night, but I’ll tell you it started as a 500-piece puzzle. I hadn’t put together a puzzle in I can’t remember how long, so I started with that – just piecing it together one lazy Sunday afternoon. There’s something so meditative about puzzle piecing – I’d forgotten.  In the book I’ve been reading, one of the characters (a college chaplain) requires every student who visits him to place a piece in his ongoing puzzle – except theRead More →

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ~Albert Einstein Since I retired, I’ve become an avid library rat – to the point that I’m a little worried Barnes and Noble won’t be able to weather the economic downturn I’ve created by not buying 3+ books per week.  But, I’m loving me the library – one whole heck of a lot!! Except, I have this one lazy/whiny little complaint – when I’m trying to read while doing something else with my hands (namely, eating), a real book oftenRead More →

Woke to a call from hubby’s alarm company this morning (all’s well – just a door malfunction) and on my way back decided today was a day for being outside! It is absolutely glorious out there! And now that I’ve finally got my annual photo-fix of the Bradford yumminess, I’m headed for the nature park to wander in the woods for a couple of hours. Happy Saturday!!Read More →

It’s been a chicken soup kind of week and when I finally emerged from my kleenex-littered cave, spring had sprung!  My neighbor has daffodils blooming and the Bradfords are in bloom all over the place.  I even saw a pink flowering tree yesterday, though I think it was a Pink Dogwood – still a little early for Redbuds.  I’ve been tentatively plotting a garden and it all makes me realize it’s  time to get rolling!  I’d like to do a raised garden – had one once before and loved it so much.  Course, there’s the issue of the mongrels – Buster’s still digging to China,Read More →

The big bathroom remodel continues!  We’ve now evolved from this… to this… I’ve been a little under the weather this week, so not much progress on my end, but hubby has made BIG strides, don’t you think? While I’ve been taking a break from wallpaper stripping, I’ve been collecting ideas for putting everything back together.  I may have my cart before my horse a bit, but I can’t help it – the prettying back up is the best part!!! (click each image to jump to its source)Read More →

[youtube] Have you heard about this?  Zcorp, out of Burlington VT, has released a consumer version of their 3d printer.  This printer uses a powder with a binding agent to print actual objects – like machine parts, tools, and much more.  The finished objects seem to be plastic-like and they’re limited in size to the size of the printer, so you couldn’t actually print out a couch or a car (though you might be able to print out some of the pieces).  You also have to have the skill and technology to either scan (in 3d) the object you want to duplicate or architectRead More →

[vimeo w=400&h=300] down in the basement we hear the sound of machines from romy owens on Vimeo. Last Thursday evening, I got to hear local artist, Romy Owens, speak about Creating, Marketing, and Exhibiting Fine Art Photography and, oh my, was I ever blown away! The video above shows one of her pieces – which I believe she said measured 4′ x 56′!! Romy’s work combines a couple of my passions – stitching on paper and photography to create amazing quilt-like works of art – click here to view her portfolio.  The photos she uses are very textural – varied colors in a piece ofRead More →

Hubby and I have started the penultimate (for me) project this week… remodeling the guest bathroom!!  Anyone who knows me knows this is BIG – this room has been a thorn in my side for 10+ years!  I’ve disliked almost everything about it – from the wallpaper, to the faucets, to the tub/shower, towel bars and beyond.  The worst part is that it’s the room people tend to get the most intimate look at when they visit my home; you know, lots of time to look around while you “do your business.” Today, I ordered a new countertop and started stripping wallpaper.  It’s going toRead More →